Golf Pitching & Chipping Tips : Golf Clubs: Pitching Wedges

O.k. the pitching wedge is not as lofted as
the clubs that we’ve been using so far; so it’s going to keep the ball a little lower.
So now strangely enough for this segment a little bit of breeze has kicked up; so I might
want to use this club anyway because if I hit the ball to high the wind can take it
off line. So it can take my good shot and put it 5 or 10 yards away from where I want
it. So I’m going to use this club; it’s going to have a little less loft so it’s not going
to go as high, it’s still going to go a bit high because it still has a 48 degrees of
loft but hopefully I can cheat the wind a little bit. So the only downside to this is
the ball will roll a little more; it’s not going to, since it’s not as lofted I’m going
to have to figure out where I want the ball to land because it’s going to roll. So let’s
say it’s in the air for 30 yards; it’s probably going to roll about 10 yards. So you got to
kind of do these calculations so you can use the appropriate club and swing the appropriate
amount of power. So we’re just going to aim for the middle of the green; I’m going to
go with a closed stance here and that ball track just where I wanted it to be. So it
wasn’t quite as high so the wind didn’t affect it that much and I was able to get it to where
I wanted. So the pitching wedge is a great shot and you can see where we’re at right
here it’s a pretty easy shot; there’s nothing in the way so I don’t really have to worry
about getting it as high as high as a kite until it to drop it so it stays there. So
this is a good to use in this circumstance and you got to have it; you got to be an expert
with this club anyway if you’re going to be a good golfer. So work this club.


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