Golf Playing Lesson at Los Verdes Golf Course!

okay so every hole the guys behind us pull up on us before we hit well what’s funny they’re super cool dudes but they all vape they all have the vape so when they roll up all I hear is there’s four of them just vaping away and I look back and they’re just smoke everywhere it’s like it’s like a Cheech and Chong movie behind me it’s hilarious am i driving okay I think we’re parked yeah so I’m trying out this service called for links it’s a golf booking service where you pay a monthly fee and you’re given points and you select the level of points you’re going to use every month and then there’s a monthly fee associated with that amount of points what I like is that whatever points you don’t use each month they roll over to the next month so you decide how many points you want to use you select the tee time that you want and then you book your reservation and everything is paid at this point so when you go into Pro Shop all you have to do is just check in and you’re in and out of there in ten seconds they have a number of horses to choose from primarily in the West right now but they also have a number of destination courses and more and more courses coming all the time for links is super easy to use I will leave a link in the description below for for links check them out and see if it’s something that might work for you ok today we’re on course at the lowest birdies golf course in los verdes which is kind of in Palos Verdes it’s on a Coast Pacific Coast it’s near the Terranea Resort and the Trump national golf course those are the two most famous courses around here but this is like your municipal golf course it’s like 30 40 bucks to play so beautiful day we’re gonna hit it let’s go okay in case you don’t know why people come here all the time it’s one of the most played courses in America all that specific ocean awesome the downside is they allow 5 subs here not a big fan of that alright it just slows down everything but it’s such a gorgeous place you can kind of get past that Welling so its first of all it’s a par five big dogleg left short hole but we’re up next we’re gonna see if I can’t crush one down there not bad healed it a little bit should be fine might be in the bunker though down there check it out all right here we go 232 the pin hybrid little cut shot in there should be on the left side of the green good time to let you know I went with my bogey at some sevens today there’s a lot of Kukui out here so I like the way this this um this set up the Voki shoot through the Kikuyu grass really well so I’m gonna stick with that for my shot here I’m going 60-degree wedge hmmm it’s a little uphill no change my mind going 54 54 the easy birdie hole short par 5 big dogleg no just kind of not be in that bunker as beautiful as it is this is what you have to deal with here there’s four groups on this hole one a green one of the fairway there’s us and then there’s these guys who just pulled up can be a while no good no good ok this is totally the exact position I was in on the first hole it’s my ball I’m in the exact same spot just going the other way now okay go 125 I just got to go over this tree the huge tree you can’t see the top of it there’s a little opening want to see what got a pitching wedge just hit the top of the tree just came short of the green got to get up and down now okay just uh just right here it’s kind of a chunky lie I’m gonna go with the 54 again open it up a touch just kind of chunk it up there dr. Soong pretty good just spun a lot stopped it really good that was one of those birdie bogey starts the putt you know this happens sometimes the two people ahead of me didn’t hit it hard enough and the ball broke and I didn’t get to the hole and it broke hard laughs so I just crushed it and hit it right to the break you know I let the what happen before me influenced me too much we’ll deal with that and we’ll make adjustments as we go all right just remember that little tip a little tip about watching your partners too closely 6-iron should be good I have only a few pet peeves out of my golf course unfortunately right now all of them are happening at once one of them being people driving up on you on the tee box when you’re about to hit two is when you hit a bad shot and you can’t see the green you can’t shoot the flag and you got to run up the hill and figure it out three when you pull your Achilles and you can’t run very well and four when a tree is right in my way so I play a draw or fade 187 I’m going for iron giant cut downhill I do a front pin 60-degree wedge I shot look at that there’s a reason we do that towel drill I’ll put a link to that right up here okay it’s because of that shot I just had back there on that on that hard pan and we had to pick right to left or left or right if you do that towel drill then you’ll be able to know which shot you could pull off every single time and it got me right in front of the green that’s why you work on your short came to chip it up and make a little 4-footer for par so you could save a lot of shots just by doing some of the drills like the towel drill okay we got 175 little downhill two groups just pulled up behind us I’m gonna hit a 6-iron got a little quick mr. way right we think it’s par-5 I guess that I might be on a green over there we’re worse just fighting my swing a little bit right now I don’t know why so I haven’t had good drives my irons are pretty solid my short cams have been pretty pretty tight so that’s why I say always keep your short game work you know make sure you practice your short game all the time because that can stay consistent that’s good thing right now because that’s what I’m leaning on my drives are just all over the planet right now okay this is uh this is bad but I’m gonna punch it with the 3-wood under the tree and just try to get it far down as possible okay about 240 into the wind third shot par-5 3-wood again that’s my ball right there flags over here going 7-iron okay that hold literally and figuratively beat me up not only did I bang it in the trees a few times and take a double bogey but when I was driving the cart I thought it was just like some like leaves like a little bendy branch turns out it was a giant thick branch and car push it and then a shot through the window the cart and walk me right in the face so it looked like so it put like it literally punched me in the face right there so guy like pine is all I’m gonna tie my shirt branches in my car just cut the heel in the rough turn it over the club pulled it way left 81-yard second shot going 54 degrees try to flight it down a little bit get it close little indecision on my part didn’t give it everything is a little downwind kind of threw me off I should have went with the 60 just off the green gonna pot it though go for the green 3:05 good break just want a little pass to the hole actually and I got a good look going back up toward the flat 54 degrees out of this said messed up lie go diner feels like a 9-iron I’m not exactly sure where to aim on this hole the pin is up back back over here somewhere totally in it there’s a root right in front of my ball so I want to kill myself okay I’m gonna have a tough up and down here I’m in the bunker I could do it let’s see what we got this would be their signature 7-iron of about 210 all uphill to the to the flag I’m going with the hybrid 23 but here’s my my recap as I wait once again in the 18th fairway trying to hit my second shot I booked on four links so that was awesome that was easy didn’t have to pay when I got here I love that service if you haven’t tried them I leave a link below check them out they’re definitely awesome and something that you might want to consider Lowe’s Verdes the course is cool it’s fun course beautiful ocean all that is good it is one of the most played golf courses in the country and I think a few years it’s it ranked number one as the most played golf course in the country so the condition is pretty much what you would expect for like a city owned course the city needs to do a better job on their golf course but you know what do you do it’s cheap price is very inexpensive very playable I would do I would come at least once I have been here when it’s been really fast-paced it’s really like 6 a.m. it’s kind of the number but that was 15 years ago I don’t know what it’s like today all right so pretty good pretty good round three over par today not my favorite but ha and a rough hole physically that’s it hope you liked the video thanks for watching and hit the like subscribe to the channel if you have notes already we’ll see you in the next video

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