Golf Putting Instruction : Putting With Other Golf Clubs

Okay, now you may have seen this after a pro
tournament, where a pro will miss a putt, and he takes his putter and he just kind of
slams it into the ground, and it bends the shaft ever so slightly. Well, according to
the rules of golf, if your putter is altered or damaged in any way, it’s an illegal club.
So, if after you miss a putt or two, your temper gets the best of you, and you slam
your putter into the ground, well, maybe through some type of freak accident where it gets
damage on your cart, or you drop it, just not even in anger and it gets bent slightly,
you could be disqualified. So, if your putter gets damaged, then you can’t use it. So what
do you do? Well, you’re in the middle of your round, you may want to take a driver, because
it’s got somewhat of a putter face on it, and try to putt with your driver. So, I prefer
to use my driver to drive, but these things do happen, and you have to be prepared for
them, so every now and then, practice with your driver putting, because sometimes you
can use it off the green anyway. Or, some players will use like a five iron, and they’ll
choke down on it, and they’ll put with that. But if something does happen to your putter,
you’ve got to be prepared.

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