Golf Swing Rotation is it Necessary? Mr. Short Game Reveals the Truth

today we’re going to talk about a grave
myths teaching in the game of golf I’m going
after it not messing around let’s go this video we’re talking about rotation
or don’t rotate what what is it do you wrote some people say rotate and
some people say you need to not rotate but it’s a back and forth motion and and
then you just kind of stop stop your hands and let that Club speed up like
this to create massive amounts of speed what is it what’s correct I’ll tell you
I’m a rotation guy that’s for sure and I think the stop and let that catch-up is
going to destroy your life and we’re gonna fix it right now because if you
don’t rotate you can’t survive out here and that’s a fact of life
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aid for us I’m use in a second so some people say it’s not rotation it’s a back
straight back straight through right straight back straight through straight
back that’s ridiculous okay it’s absolutely ridiculous and if
somebody says that you need to run away here is why my hips there it’s a rounded
formation here right similar to let’s say a water bottle and the top are my
hips if I want to get the top on and off I can’t go straight back this
is never going to get the top off straight back straight through look
you have to turn it turn it it’s not straight back it’s turning it’s a
rotation my hips are basically the same shape as that dang water bottle so I
can’t go straight back and straight through that’s this that’s ridiculous
one is going back and one is going forward
one is going back and one is going forward just like this but it’s not
going forward it’s rotating around your body around your pelvis around your life
okay everything is in a rotational manner that’s why you can’t think
straight back straight forward because you’ll do this you have a swing that
looks nobody nobody swings like that so to even think that will cause you to
get in so much trouble and it will force you and make your brain think okay I got
it I’m gonna go straight back and you’ll extend your legs like this this will
happen and you’ll flip that club now if you’re somebody that wants to flip the
club and have a ton of hand motion like this then do that can you create a ton
of club head speed by snapping and stopping and then letting this do that
yes you can’t create a lot of club head speed but your consistency you might as
well throw it out the window because that is exactly what’s going to happen
if that’s the type of mental thought you want to have but when I’m here and I’m
rotating around and then my hands release out there it’s releasing toward
the target everything is getting synced up on plane and you will have much more
consistency than doing anything like that and that my friends is what will
get your whole golf game in trouble you need the rotation we need
rotation in here not stopping and this you’re gonna have a not lockjaw
I call it lock legs you look like this this is a non rotational swing this is
the back and forth thought is that what you want to look like I don’t think so
we need to be set on rotation and and and there’s more to it than just than
just this okay so here’s what happens when you have the mind thought of your
straight back and straight through type of motion with your body right what you
know obviously you’re losing your spine angle when you do that instead of
keeping it and turning around I mean so some people might not consciously think
I’m rotating my hips but in reality that’s what they’re doing whether they
think it or not it doesn’t matter what you do is what matters but if you
thinking no I’m just going straight back and I’m gonna slow my hands down and let
that Club whip through and create massive amounts of speed all of that
that mine thought is going to translate into the short game and you’re going to
do the same thing and slow your hands down and do stuff like that where you
chunk it or you’re gonna zing that ball way across the planet so you don’t want
stuff like that to infect and poison your short game because this is where
all the strokes are rotation in your short game again you’re gonna have so
much more consistency on these little types of shots and you’re gonna be able
to control them so much better because you’re gonna come through the shot but
if you start whatever you do in your long game it infects your short game so
if you have bad habits there forget it you have no chance here that’s why when
I hear like it’s a straight back straight through motion I’m like oh
that’s going to come over here and destroy your whole life in the short
game we need rotation here without rotation there’s no hope for you there’s
no hope you’re gonna stop and flip and get all kinds of you know wicked
hand motion through here little rotation is really gonna help your life in your
short game and you can control the shots I’m gonna roll right next to the hole so
stop thinking don’t rotate you have to think rotate all I want is what’s best
for us to get better to be consistent I’m just here to help comment below let
me know what you like to think about your golf swing hopefully it has
something to do with a turning motion love you guys
good luck see in the next video

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