Golf Swing Takeaway – One Piece Takeaway and On Plane Backswing by Herman Williams, PGA

hey guys Herman Williams here with
Herman Williams Golf and the Get Hermanized Project. I’m coming to you
today to talk about the golf swing takeaway I get a lot of questions about this on my website and YouTube channel and I’ve never actually done a video
dedicated just to the takeaway itself mentioned it and a lot in other videos but
never done one directly on this topic so let’s dive right into the subject.
the first thing I wanna say it’s been like four years but you might want to look at 2 older videos about the setup. we want to get generally good posture in a good
setup position to start that take away from really quickly one important things we
talked about in those videos was how when you grasp the club in the lead
arm as a right hander, that’s going to be my left hand here, grasp it at my side and then get the
left arm up over the top on my left pec muscle up on top of the chest. Watch Tour players pull
that front sleeve up and get on the body when they’re getting set up. so I’m gonna
turn to the side here and kinda put myself in that setup position with left
arm over the chest now I’m in a ready position here. at least I advocate that the safest best type of golf swing takeaway for all skill levels of players is a fairly wide one piece movement what I mean is that it’s
got a lotta width to the arc there’ve been some real successful tour players that have
done an early wrist set but I I think
it’s more complicated I think it’s tougher to learn if you do it that way now and you can
keep the club on plane, stick with it. you may have no problem but I think in my estimation over all the
years I’ve been teaching and all the film I’ve taken watching amateur players do
this, a wide, simple, one-piece takeaway works the best. So let’s get back and set up to talk about what to
do.So the move that we want to make you literally going to start the motion thinking about your arms and the club as one big unit you can think about the arms as a
triangle which if you include the shaft you could think about a capital letter Y here and i wanna get that “Y” or that
triangle started in one piece moving away from the golf ball. notice
it’s not low that’s a sweeping takeaway that’s been real
popularity in the past. players keep the club along the ground sweeping
and coming way inside too early. that’s no good. we’ve all been warned over time , be wary of picking the club up too. but to
be honest I’d say more often I see the sweepers versus the outward pick up
people. so anyways I want thee club to move back – it doesn’t swing along the ground. it comes up right out of the ground first come up in the air that’s gonna
move up into a position as I arrive roughly waist-high you can see it’s almost a perfect
straight line out from my shoulder and left arm, down the shaft to the clubhead. the
other thing I want you notice if you look closely is the clubhead itself is
not perfectly straight up. you’ll see a lot of on the older books and a lot of videos
probably tell you swing back waist high with the toe up well I’m gonna argue that its upward but not straight up. it’s actually got a
ten to fifteen degree angle of tilt when it’s done properly. so go back and look at the set up. You’ve got the triangle, got the Y like that one-piece press back and you
can see the clubhead has mild angle to have done no manipulation now we get some players that are pretty
capable of taking it straight back to but if they roll the left arm and fanned
the face open, no good. gonna lead to problems later on.
Then we get the other group which takes the club inside or and then we’ve got the last group that takes it outside. well
every one of these is going to lead to a problem at the top of the backswing. you can be laid off cross the line with a cupped wrist and open clubface. when you get all these compound issues and start moving down, the downswing will be over-the-top, casting. so you can kinda see the way I teach deals with general cause and effect. on other thing and we wanna as early as possible in the backswing eliminate the mistakes that just get
further and further compounded as you move down. you know by the time you get back to impact, most of you guys are pretty desperate because there were five errors all stacked up on top of each other. okay so what do you want to feel on this
move? I’m gonna actually grip the club in one hand with my left hand here and what I want my left arm to do is make a left-sided push. I’ll go ahead and push straight back the right side is pulling, left side pushing.
I’ll go with less pull and push more often than not I’ll also add, although it’s a little different some players do better with the idea of the right shoulder blade and upper back feeling like it pulls out of the way. It
swings the chest open nicely but I’m definitely aware of pushing with
my left hand. so all the drills I wanna give you just picture pressing your palm straight back should be pressing it straight
toward you into the camera here so straight Press over down the line like
so good to train these at home one-handed.
it helps strengthen the hands wrists and forearms help you train with a presser club
straight away you’ll see my chest is turning body’s going with that Fanning and open
not leaving it that closed either you know closed clubface is a problem facing straight down, again no good.
alright so that’s one exercise and literally just feels like pushing
something straight back straight outta the way facing the camera the whole
time I’m pushing and for the record the left wrist is gonna pick up while
you do that I’ll get a lot of confusion about that. Hey Herman I watched your videos about the flat wrist at the top and mine is not flat when I begin the
swing. it shouldn’t be when you grip the club in the setup correctly, you will have a little
bit of a cupping at the beginning and its gonna pick up throughout the
beginning at take away that gets us to waist-high. hopefully now
you’ve managed to do it in one piece you’re not sweeping in, you’re not
handing out going in a straight line and you’ve got
the clubface at the proper angle roughly waist-high. now how do we get
from here to the top? two moves in there that I can combine. I just
want to know about how those work together to get the club on plane with the entire left
arm. Of course right arm as well has got to rotate and is going to rotate
from this face position it looks slightly closed as we’re gonna rise the next two to
three feet to get to the top going to rotate the left arm and hand all in one move. so we go from here at waist-high and rise about a foot and a half as the forearm rolls – entire arm rolls it gets the shaft laying off behind me as the
wrist begins to hinge. depending on flexibility you know to continue to move the shoulders to pivot in the backswing you might get all the way to parallel
might be three quarters might just be right here but you have an on plane golf swing with a square clubface a nice flat wrist if you kinda subscribe
to my neutral grip and the flat wrist we’ve
talked about in previous videos. so that would get you to the top of a
really great golf backswing. showing that almost no excuses for what to do
coming down I think the pitfalls you should know about as I said earlier I mentioned that already fanning it open, taking the club inside or picking it up outside Also if your chest does not turn
a little bit here you know you’re going to have a hard
time. you can’t just arm this thing away. you get your right arm trapped behind
you. so another drill that I like is for you to just take the butt of the club and attach it right above your navel and grip down on the shaft. just practice kinda making these one
piece movements – a one piece takeaway. it is a coordinated move with this triangle it gets the core moving right away and the face is not rolling or manipulating. alright so just one more time from the
top set it up, make a straight-back Press rise and rotate, and hinge into the flat
left wrist position at the top of backswing. okay guys that’s it on the golf swing takeaway hope that gives you enough ammo to get out there and start practicing your golf swing as you try and improve your golf. I’d appreciate it if you’d like the video, favorite it, tweet it out to your
friends. just let the world know if it helped you with your golf Let all your friends and golf buddies hear
about it as well. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check my website at As always I’m Herman Williams and you’ve just been Hermaized.

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