Golf Swing Tempo Tips : Medicus Golf Club Hitting Tips

OK, now we’re going to hit real golf balls
with our Medicus club. So once again, what this forces you to do is to focus because
one of the things that golf requires more so than most sports is you don’t have to be
a great runner, you don’t have to be able to dunk a basketball, you just have to be
able to focus on hitting this ball. So this club because it hinges, really makes you focus
on each shot and when I practice with this club regularly I notice that I am mentally
tired after about ten or twenty shots because it requires a lot more focus than a regular
traditional club. So what the benefit of this is, is once you can hit this club successfully
at the range, it’s going to help you with the real drivers at the course and at the
range better. So I want you just to use the club for what it’s made for which is just
to develop a consistent tempo of your swing. So if you swing fast then you will develop
a fast downswing to go along with the fast takeaway. If you swing slower, you’ll learn
how to compliment that swing properly. So just focus on the ball and just take a nice
deliberate smooth stroke and you can hit this club pretty far because it does have this
hinge in it, you’ll probably lose about twenty percent but you can hit this ball pretty far
at the driving range and if you can hit this club consistently you’ll be able to hit your
driver, your real clubs long and straight when you need to.


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