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Backswing Take away Now we are going to go through all the check
points in a technically correct swing. The first check point after address is the
take away position. The first position we are going to make is when the butt end of
the club is opposite your right thigh. The correct way to move into this position is
by moving the club, hands, arms and body – particularly the shoulders – away in unison. To get to
that point we should avoid having the arms move independently of the body but rather
have everything moves away together. A good way to check you are in the right position
is to grab a club and put it in between your feet behind your left heel and in front of
your right toes- then move everything away in unison. When the club you are holding is
parallel to the club on the ground the club face of your club should also be parallel
to that club on the ground. You know the club face is still square then in relation to where
the ball is and you know you have taken it away in unison.
Another check point is that the butt end of the club should be pointing at your navel
when you are in this position. This is an important indicator that you have taken everything
away in unison. A good way to practice this is to put the butt end of the club just straight
into your navel, then take the address position and grip down on the club and move it away
with everything in unison. It should be still pointing at the navel. If you move it away
just with your hands and arms it’s going to come free of the navel so make sure you practice
that — it is a good way to get the correct feeling. If you have moved it away with just
your hands and arms which sometimes people do if they are trying to get the club away
“low and slow” – which is an old saying – it is going to be detached from your body all
throughout the swing so you are going to find it hard to establish a consistent swing. You
should be taking it away “low and slow but that will just automatically happen when you
move everything in unison. To show you from down the line when you move
everything away in unison -the club head will be outside of the hands if you get a bit handsy
in the take away. You are already in that position where the club is getting behind
your hands so the correct take away position has the club “low and slow” outside the hands
with everything moving in unison. This is a really important position -a lot
of the top players, in fact most of the top players, say if you are going to get any positions
right in the swing it should be address and your take away. Jack Nicholas said the first
18 inches of the swing are the most important- that’s because this part of the swing you
can consciously control but after that everything is pretty much a reaction – it is happening
too quickly and you can’t fully consciously control it. So make sure that you practice
this take away and getting into that position quite often.
The next position from there is moving the club until it is parallel to the ball target
line and parallel to the ground. To get to this position from the first position what
you are doing is continuing the rotary motion of your body and just starting to hinge the
wrists. You know you have hinged the wrists correctly when the club face is perpendicular
— should be pointing straight up and down — this is all assuming you are hitting a
straight shot of course, so you move into that position by rotating the body a bit further-
the weight is moving onto the right side even more so and you have got to make sure that
in this position the club face is perpendicular straight up and down like so and not closed
or open. Make sure you keep the dish angle in the left
wrist that we talked about at address. Another point to check is that the butt end of the
club is just outside your right foot. If you draw a straight line downwards this shows
you have maintained the relationship between your arms and your body and you are getting
a nice wide arc -this is going to give you heaps of power when you come back down. Another
thing to notice is throughout the take away and into this next position the relationship
between your left arm and your chest is being maintained. If you lose that relationship
where they are not touching as they were at address you are going to be outside the line
or if it comes inside the line -that’s when it is touching all the way down. As we said
before in the address position you only want the upper part of the arms touching the body
and that should be maintained through this position. Now in this position the butt end
of the club will be just on the outside of your right foot and this is giving you the
massive arc you need to hit long balls like Tiger or Ernie. If you have come in too close
in here you are going to lose that and you are going to have a much weaker shot. You
are going to be coming down on the ball too much. If you are trying to extend it out too
far you are losing that relationship between your arms and your body and everything becomes
out of unison and your are going to find it very hard to hit straight shots — you might
hit pretty ling shots but they are not going to be any where near the fairway, so make
sure you keep the relationship between your left arm and your chest into this position.
That will make sure that the butt end of the club is pointing just outside the right foot
if your draw a straight line down through it. Now also in this position, the club should
be parallel to the ball target line. If you are getting it inside the ball target line
you are going to cause all sorts of problems. When you come back down you are probably going
to be in that same position and you are going to hit massive pushes or you might flip it
over and start hitting hooks. Similarly, if you are outside the line, when you come back
down you are going to be outside the line again you are going to come across and hit
massive cuts or if the club face is closed you are going are going to hit big pulls so
make sure also the club shaft is parallel to the ball target line.


  • best video i've seen.

  • 2:00 is the key

  • After 35 years of struggling with the takeaway I have never seen a more crystal clear explanation with so many checkpoints. However I couldn't attain the correct positions until I GENTLY extended my arms at address & maintained the extension throughout the backswing.
    Some teachers advocate removing/relaxing the right thumb & forefinger from the grip (especially Gerry Hogan); your opinion please? IS YOUR LIGHT FITTING STILL INTACT?

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