Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Golf Wiffle Balls Practice Tips

OK, so plastic golf balls, these things are
great. They also have Nerf golf balls that are about the same size, they’re just sponge
rubber. But a lot of times your neighbors, your other family members might not like it
if you go in the yard or in the house and start swinging hitting real golf balls. Pretty
much can break anything or you could hurt each other. So the plastic golf balls since
one of the things I want you get out of the whole series of instructional segments that
we’re putting together is it’s repetitions is the secret. So if you’re at home or even
at a park and you got these plastic golf balls you could just hit these endlessly. You see
that’s not so good so I don’t break anything with that. There we go. So the plastic golf
balls are really a great thing to practice because well it’s not a real golf ball everything
else is the same. So your able to get your full explosive swing through the ball so you’re
able to work on your alignment, you’re able to work on your proper balance and you’re
able to work on everything that you need to work on and you’re getting the repetitions.
So if you really want to become a great golfer invest in some plastic golf balls so that
way you or your other family members can practice at home all the time and you can come up with
all types of games. You know we used to just like put like a garbage can out there with
the plastic golf balls and just try to hit it. So there’s a lot you could do and it’s
great for your game. And it doesn’t break anything at home so mom doesn’t get mad.


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