Golf Tips for Practicing at Home : Hitting Golf Wiffle Balls: Long Irons

Now most recreational players, their weakest
shots actually are the long irons cause they don’t get to practice them enough. So with
the plastic Wiffle balls you can practice your long irons in your backyard, your front
yard, inside your house, local park. So the more swings you’re going to get with them
the better you’re going to hit them. So this allows you to get a lot of reps so if I’m
not hitting my long irons very well I can definitely tell by how I hit the Wiffle ball.
So let’s say I’m slicing the ball a lot. OK, so I can start working on some ways to fix
my slice. So that’s why these plastic golf balls are great. Cause it really shows you
what you’re doing when you hit a real golf ball, if you slice a real golf ball you’re
going to slice one of these. But if all of a sudden you can hit this ball nice and straight
it transfers back to a real golf ball. So, let’s see if I can get this one straight.
Not bad. So if I’m not hitting these balls well than I’m really not hitting the real
ball well. So too many people don’t really see the connection between using a Wiffle
ball in their real game. So I think by watching this hopefully you see that this really can
be very helpful plus just getting a lot more reps. You know if you don’t have to drive
to a range or course to practice, if you can just do it in your own home with the plastic
balls that’s going to add up, if you do this three times a week for ten or twenty minutes
at your house, don’t you think your game will improve that much faster. So take advantage
of it, watch how the flight of the ball goes and your long iron play will get a lot better.


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