GOLF TIPS : How to hold the club

When teaching new players how to hold the
club, one of the most difficult things is to get the left hand placed correctly on the
club. What you want to be doing is placing the club
by your left pocket, like this, and gripping it here. This way, the hand will be placed correctly
on the club so that when you hold the club out in front of you, the V-form between your
thumb and forefinger, points to your right shoulder. The right hand goes below the left, and you
can either interlock it like this, or overlap it. When I hold the club out in front of me now,
the two V’s, formed between both thumbs and forefingers also point to my right shoulder. Two other things I want to point out when
we talk abou the grip is the grip pressure. On a scale from one to ten, ten being the
hardest you can hold it and one being the lightest, it should be about a three or a
four. The last thing, I want to talk about, is how
you hinge your wrists. The whole reason that you hold the club like
this, is so that you can hinge the wrists like this and still keep the club face square.

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