Golfication X: AI Powered Golf Super-Wearable

We love golf we train hard we measure our swing we keep notes of our game. Everybody thinks they know everything
when I play bad. My buddies tell me to change my posture, my swing analysis
tells me to shallow out of my club plane and as for my game stats, they tell me
I should never hit driver. We track every shot My swing analyzer can’t track my
shots my shot tracker doesn’t analyze my swing I need something that can do both. We try to better our game every day yet we aren’t able to improve. We feel stuck. I can hit a 300 yard drive. My friend can hit at 260 yard drive, but the real difference actually happens in your short game which happens within the
100 yards from the hole. So there is definitely a need for a technology to help you analyze that particular part of your game. We talked to hundreds of
golfers and realized that each one of them was facing a very different set of
challenges. What we set out to do was to build technology that would give people a very holistic view of their game and solve all these problems. That’s when we came up with The Ultimate Golf Hack Golfication X Golfication X is Golf’s first super
wearable that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence. GPS Rangefinder comes with over 18,000
Pre-installed Golf Courses. Eagle Eye identifies hazards and visualizes your shot using the smartphone camera. Improve faster with fully automatic shot
tracking which combines swing analytics
and your shot outcomes. Automated Pro-Tracers to make your golf round broadcast worthy. Set up a game versus Artificial Intelligence which simulates your heroes or
your friends on your home turf. The Ultimate Golf Hack – Golfication X Golfication X is a GPS rangefinder a swing sensor and a shot tracker and it combines these functionalities to give you a holistic view of your game. With Golfication’s comprehensive feedback you can now finally start fixing your
slices of the tee or you can develop a great short game by understanding your shots within hundred yards You can do a bunch of things with Golfication but the best part is it’s all completely Automated No taps, no manual input and no smartphones on the course Golfication X is the future of golf technology because now we are able to see the game
in a way that’s never been possible before and that’s because we have an
inbuilt GPS Motion sensors and we collect data
from your smartphone We’re able to make Ultimate sense of your data. Hi I’m Anirudh, CEO of Golfication We now have working prototypes that have been tested on multiple Golf Courses We’re ready to start production and we need you to partner with us, to bring Golfication on to your Golf Club. We hope you’ll join us, Thank you for your

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