Gran Turismo Sport | Inside GT Sport, Vol. 1: The Cars | PS4

Welcome to the world of Gran Turismo Sport! In this volume we’re going to talk about the cars
appearing in Gran Turismo Sport. The cars in Gran Turismo Sport are
divided into a number of different classes. The first on the list is the Gr. N Class,
which consists of stock production cars. According to the maximum horsepower of the individual cars, the group is further divided into smaller divisions, from the driver friendly N100 Class
sportscars, with up to 99BHP, to the 986BHP hyper cars and monster tuned cars in the N1000 Class. There is a large variety of unique cars represented here. The Gr.4 Class includes your base level race cars. This is equivalent to the real world GT4 class
that has picked up in popularity over recent years. The class includes production cars
prepped with baseline race modifications, with an interior stripped for weight reduction,
and a roll cage added for driver protection. The seats are, of course, replaced with
racing bucket seats. Exterior modifications are kept to a minimum,
with relatively simple aerodynamic parts. The power is modest,
and so are the weight reductions. This is a class that represents
entry level race cars that are easy to drive. For Example,
the Mustang Gr. 4, Vantage Gr.4, NSX Gr.4. The main stars of Gran Turismo Sport are the Gr. 3 cars,
equivalent to the GT3 category in the real world. Gr. 3 cars still maintain
the look of the production cars, but are made wider with large fenders
to contain the massive racing slick tires. In terms of aero modifications, these cars receive the highest level of modifications
for cars based on production models, and the complex body parts
produce powerful downforce on the track. Weighing in at roughly 1350kg with 542 to 592BHP, all cars are restricted to
rear wheel drive drivetrains. These are truly purebred race cars
built to race from the ground up. As one unique feature in Gran Turismo, cars that do not have GT3 versions in the real world
appear in Gran Turismo Sport in Gr. 3 incarnations. Cars like the Mazda 6 Gr. 3, the Jaguar F Type Gr. 3, and cars with futuristic forms
such as the Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo Gr.3 and the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo Gr. 3
all appear in this category. The top category of cars
in Gran Turismo is the Gr. 1 class. These are cars which are typically called
“Prototypes” in the real world of racing. With a body that achieves
low air resistance and high downforce,  the cars weigh in at around 900kg
and produce over 986BHP. These machines exhibit an incredible level of speed
both on the straights and in the corners. Not only that, as true endurance racers
they are made easy to drive, to allow long hours of driving without stress. Cars that competed in the famed Le Mans 24 hour race
including the Audi R18, The Toyota TS030, and Peugeot 908, as well as concept car based models
such as the Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo, and the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo
belong in this Gr. 1 class. In Gran Turismo Sport,
there are also rally cars for off road tracks. In the World Rally Championships of the 1980s, there was a legendary class
of monster machines called Group B. Their extreme speed gave
rise to numerous accidents, which eventually led to the class
being abolished altogether. The Gr. B machines of Gran Turismo Sport
brings this class back to modern day. These are all four wheel drive
offroad monster machines exceeding 493BHP. The Ford Focus, Subaru WRX, Lancer Evolution, and Ford Mustang. And last but not least in any respect,
there is a class of cars that do not fit in any of the above, in a class called Gr. X. The Gr. X category contains cars like
the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo, Chaparral Vision Gran Turismo, Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, and SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo, the fantastic hyper cars and super race cars
that were born in the world of Gran Turismo. Real production cars, Full race cars, Beautiful concept cars,
And race modified Gran Turismo original race cars. These unique machines are modeled
with extreme precision both on the exterior and interior to a level never seen before. The unmatched detail and meticulous beauty is
sure to enthrall the viewer. And you can drive
all of these cars in Gran Turismo. And drive the feel, sounds,
performance, and speed. all these sensations produce
unique individual characters for each car. 150 cars will appear in Gran Turismo Sport. Gran Turismo Sport goes on sale
on October 17, this year.


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