Gray-Nicolls Ultra — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Gray-Nicolls Ultra. Brand new from Gray-Nicolls for this season, 2019-20. This is going to be a super bat. We’ve got plenty of models in this one. So if you look at this one, nice and big. Huge, big swell through there. More of an upper, higher middle in these bats, as you can see up there, and tapering down to a lower toe. Nice and big in the edges. This is the Pro 2000 model, so obviously Grade 1, finest Grade 1 in this. So, all the Ultra bats will have a flat face, in what Gray-Nicolls tends to call their ACCU-DRIVE face, so just trying to spread the sweet spot across the entire face, widening that out, giving you a bit more forgiveness across the edges, which is really cool for us mere mortals. Just the standard Gray-Nicolls handle, little bit of oval in it, to give you that nice control in it, so— Superb. So as I said, this is the Pro 2000, we’ve got lots of models in this one. We’ll do the— 1100 in this — so the 1100 comes sleeved and with a toe. This is in — still Grade 1 willow, this is Select Grade 1 willow, so you still get Grade 1 willow at a great price. Again, you’re still looking at the same shape, so that nice high middle in these. Good weights — the Ultras are generally gonna be around 2.8-2.10, so fantastic weights in that. We drop down to the Ultra 800, gives you Grade 2 willow, but again, comes ready-to-play with the sleeve, with the toe. Same specs, same shape in that. We even drop down to the Ultra 600 in a Grade 3 willow, so you’re getting super value out of this. But again, we’ve got them sleeved, with the toe, all with the same handle, same specs, same weights, 2.8-2.10. And then even drop down into a junior model — and again, still sleeved, still toed, so— from the 1100 down, they come Ready Play, you can come in, you can select it— we’ll do a little bit of prep work, but then you’re right to go out and start training with it, start playing with it, so super value there. So again, in the junior, as I said, same shape, toed, sleeved — awesome bat. Gonna be a big winner for Gray-Nicolls we think, this year. Nice, cool, red stickers as well, nice and bright. So come in to one of our five stores, or of course, check out all the Gray-Nicolls range online at

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