– Hi, Adam Bazalgette
here in Naples, Florida. I’m two-times PGA Teacher
Of The Year Award Winner down here. Today’s subject, the hip
turn in the golf swing. So, the hip turn in the golf swing pretty important for sure. I’m going to show you
today how it’s different going back and coming down. Why it’s different, and couple of the ways you can work on that. If you like this video, please
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internet lessons with me. OK, let’s get started. OK, so the hip motion, as
we’ll see, is quite different in the backswing to what
it is in the downswing. And I think it can make a nice pair, nice simple playing
thoughts when you feel one thing going back and
something a little different coming down. So we’re going to get in to all that, but let me show you a few
examples of great players in action so you have
a good mental picture. So how about Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson that’s a pretty good pair. So there’s Tom Watson at
address, top of the backswing again address top, pretty much in the box but as he comes to hit
it, you’ll see his hips have slid quite a bit
forward out of the box. So there’s more of a pivot going back, and more of a slide and pivot coming down. Jack Nicklaus address top of the backswing right in the box, and
then on the downswing, forward again nearer the
target with his hips. OK, so let’s start with
the backswing first. What we’re not trying to do, and you can see they weren’t
shifting in this video. We’re not trying to shift
weight in the backswing. Grab a club or a broom handle. This’ll approximate it the best for you. The right-side, the back-side
goes up and behind you, and the left-side, for
the right-handed golfer, goes down towards the
ground, and as that happens you should feel more of
a pressure or a build-up of tension in the right leg, really a pressure
against the ground there. That’s what you want. That’s what’s gonna be powerful. So, remember, it’s not a weight shift. It’s a pivot that builds
pressure this way. Let me briefly show you
a couple of great players from the rear angle. You’ll have a good look at how this works. As we look at Tiger Woods,
looks like a fairway wood off the tee there. Watch his backswing. There’s that view, if he
had the bar behind him, you can see the right
shoulder moving up and around behind his spine. Similarly, left-side
compressing downwards, but it isn’t a shift in this direction. Just watch that right hip again. It’s a pivot, and you
can really see what a job he’s done of putting pressure
down into the ground there. Now, there’s been a few great
players had a little bump in their hip to kick the
backswing off or something but the predominant movement
is a pivot not a shift. There’s Justin Rose when
he’s a little bit younger. And again, if you watch the
outside of that pocket there. You can see, he’s not shifting
but he’s really loaded the ground well there,
and if you can do that, if you can make that kind of pivot and you can put some
pressure into that right leg, you can really move
athletically from that. So, downswing wise, why
do we have this shift? What’s the purpose of that? And why do so many people
struggle with it secondly? Let’s tackle why first. Well, what it does, that
shift creates a lot of power, creates some loading of
the club, and importantly it creates power in a target direction. When your hips shift towards the target, assuming your head’s pretty still, it creates a little side bend in the body and really helps this club get on plain and work towards the target. Let me show you what you
should be trying to captivate or cultivate a little bit from this view. So again the goal with the golf club, we’ll call this the side of my body, is to swing from the side of your body then underneath your body,
that’s under me here, from the side underneath out
towards the target that way. It’s not the swing at the golf ball, obviously the golf ball
intersects the swing as you go. And believe me, if you
shift hips properly, it is so much easier to
get the club staying to the side of you and
coming from underneath you out towards the target. It really is. OK, so let’s assume we
known the shift weight. Most people have seen this. It’s not that they’ve
never heard to do that. Why do so many people struggle with this? Listen, I still teach golf full-time, it’s atypical, let’s say,
it’s not typical to see someone drive their
hips towards the target and even close to the
manner of a great player. Most people are much more centered and they’re this way as they hit the ball. Well, I see two reasons, or if you like, you could say a
combination of two reasons. Number one, I was lucky
enough a few years ago to help test force plates out. Good friend of mine was
representing a great force plate company here in the country and you can study the
movement of the balance of the pressure on the
feet and the balance timed with video very painstakingly. And one of the things after
looking at a lot of data, we found, and this is connected
with 3D motion sequence sensors, is the sequence
is wrong for most people and it makes it very difficult
to shift the weight at all. And what I mean by that, is
most people start their arms too quickly, they thrust towards the ball and effectively towards the ground. And I’m telling you, when
we looked at force plate data, the arms and club influence balance, and when they thrust down,
it’s like being pulled in this direction. You’ve got that much force going this way to the side of your
body it’s hard to move. So, the best players, when
they look at 3D motion sensors, their arms just
stay there initially. Their shoulders stay there. They shift before anything happens there, and only then does the
upper trunk start to move and then finally that
pulls the arms into motion. Now, when I say finally,
you’re talking about a very small amount of time but that sequence is clearly different. And again, if you doubt
that, just stand there without trying to hit a
ball and you see how easy it is to move your weight. So, if you’re struggling
a lot more than that something’s influencing
you and it’s usually the sequence, too quick with the arms. The other thing I can
see, is just deep down most people their experience
with golf when they were beginners isn’t a
particularly positive one in the first 100 shots. I’ve rarely seen people
hit it solidly in the first hundred tries, and they
start just aiming too much at the ball. They’ll tell you the target’s over there but deep down, the balls the target, and, when that’s the case,
you won’t move very well. So, here’s what I’m going
to encourage you to do. Put a little tee under it, and I’m gonna tee it a lot higher than I would even on a par three. Make it as simple to
hit as you possible can. And just have a little fun. Take some risks here. Risk mishitting a shot. So, I’m gonna go back,
just leave my arms there, shift some weight and move a little bit, Then get over the ball. Don’t think too much, just relax. And just shift some weight. Don’t worry about contact. Just get a feel for it. This will get you going. Well, I hope that helps you get a sense of the hip turn in the golf swing. And sort of a nice, easy pair if you like of how to work on it. And if you liked the video,
please subscribe to the channel. Would love to get you more free content. Leave a comment. Scratchgolfacademy.com is my website. Could do personal internet golf lessons. Hope you’ll consider checking that out. Thanks again.



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