Hitting From Different Golf Lies : Slice Lies: Golf Mid Irons

The ball is below my feet, so this will create
a slice when I hit it, so you can see if I was going to swing, if I was at a normal level
fairway, my club would be about right there. It’s about six inches lower or more than it
normally would be, so I have to learn how to contour myself to this stance, so what
I’m going to do, is I’m going to almost sit to maintain my balance. Now, this is going
to take away some distance from my swing, because I’m not going to get a full, upright,
powerful swing. I’m sitting a little bit, plus the ball is going to fade or slice, so
I have to account for that, so I want to get in my position, since the ball is going to
fade or slice, I have to account for the ball going from left to right, so I’m going to
aim a little more left, and then I’m going to get in my stance again. I’m going to sit,
and I’m going to just take a nice, easy swing, so that’s a pretty good shot. I kept it on
line, but it takes a lot of practice, so you going to run into these shots on a regular
basis when you play golf, so I want you to really practice this. Practice the side, the
downhill lies, the side hill lies like this, so when you’re faced with them, you don’t
just have a meltdown and lose five strokes right there, so you can hit the ball to where
you want it, and generally, you’re going to lose a little distance, so take an extra club
when you’re doing this shot, so that way you’ve got plenty of club, and you don’t try to over

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