HOUSE OF LIES official FREE companion app – STROKE YOUR GENIUS by Marty Kaan – walkthrough

Management consultant Marty Kahn has an ego
like a wrecking ball. “This is the moment when you have the guys
who have the world by the balls by the balls!” And now he’s definitively broken down the
fourth wall addressing the audience directly, on ipad, Nook and android tablets with “Stroke
your genius”. This unique in-character app is a digital
extension of the Showtime comedy series HOUSE OF LIES. Stroke Your Genius is Marty’s battle plan
for getting ahead in business. Immersing us in his world view and the twisted
side of big business through multiple chapters of
interactivity. Marty teaches us how to navigate the minefields
of the office and avoid the career hazards faced by his team. Catch your colleagues in the act of flinging
BS in meetings with Marty’s BS bingo game. Did you actually say that? Please make it stop. What a load of bull! And then literally start spinning your own
golden nuggets of jargon with his user-triggered BS generator. That’s a line of BS that could close your
next deal! What’s more, users can share their newfound
knowledge from the school of Marty Kahn. While character profiles are the norm in TV
show companion apps, STROKE YOUR GENIUS turns this on its head. While Marty tells you to find your own team
– don’t steal his players – you can explore the desks of his team members to uncover what
makes them tick… while meeting each of them in controllable 360-degree detail. Curious users will discover that they can
actually call to reach the voicemail of the team’s wannabe ladies man Clyde “So glad you
called… I want to lie your body down in the bed just
soak you in honey and just give you diabetes on your skin.” Understanding data, and how to manipulate
it is vital to management consulting. Stroke Your Genius provides you with entertaining
data you control to reveal how Marty and his team really spend their time. Working at the high end means plunging in
at the deep end. See how the big fish of the industry dress
the part with attention-grabbing video layered with user triggered levels of detail. Explore both the more inventive side of consulting
and the physical interactive possibilities by rubbing… shaking and tilting your device
to transform Marty’s unprofessional excesses into business crucial expenses. Stroke Your Genius brings Marty Kahn in the
world of House of Lies to a whole new medium and audience via itunes, google play, nook
apps at retail in over 550 barnes & noble stores nationwide and even
a personal appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “You got a little too much dead weight around”
“For more advice from Marty download the stroke your genius app!” Stroke You Genius rewards the audience with
an original character expressing himself in the form of an app. This is truly a digital monument to a rampant

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