How Do You Play Golf? Aggressive or Safe? | Great On The Course Golf Drill!

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day we’re out here at Nashille golf we’re gonna be playing the front
nine it is very cold today mid 30s little breezy feels much colder probably
low 30s to upper 20s is about how it feels out here before we get into
today’s video and what we’re gonna be doing just wanted to drop in and say
thank you so very much for all the incredible support you’ve shown on this
channel so far all the new subscribers welcome glad to have y’all joining in on
this journey for today’s video we’re gonna be playing two approach shots into
every green we’re gonna take one route which will be the conservative route and
one route which will be the aggressive route we’re gonna play both balls in to
see how we score on each one and honestly I just wanted to get a feel for
the score comparison in the overall round yeah I had a good train of thought
there I just want to see how the two compare overall score that’s what we’re
gonna do yes let’s head to the first tee right here behind us tee it up and
let it fly here’s our approach on number one we’ve
got about 190 left as you can see there is a ball up there looks to be about a
foot away someone who’s playing a few holes with me just stuck it close
awesome shot there our first shot we’re gonna hit 6-iron 190 into the wind it’s
playing a lot longer with the cold conditions so 6-iron middle of the green
second shot the aggressive play I’m gonna hit 5-iron which will get us
further back into that green but you don’t want to be long here but that is
the aggressive play let’s go ahead and hit them find out in these conditions I would take both of
those all day long walking up here here was our conservative play middle of the
green long putt ahead second one is right here
a little more aggressive have about a 30 footer left from here see if we can’t
roll one in two two putts there on one would take
that all day long that is the most difficult full out here the conservative
route was a longer putt but we played to the middle the green like we wanted to
more aggressive route gave us a better look at birdie didn’t make either onto
number two even par on both balls are for playing probably about 420 to 430
yards from here get high let it fly with the driver take that on number two any day of the
week pin is front left just under 130 away gonna play to the middle part of
the green with our first shot which is our conservative route and we are going
right at it with the second shot for the aggressive play and that is how you draw both those
shots up yes sir goal was accomplished with both shots
there’s the aggressive play great look for bird there was the conservative
route right in the middle of the green decent look at bird as well these greens
are a little slippery today ran that one well by big comeback putt right there he pulled that right off the putter face
I was not a good putt no was not not happy with that stroke even par quality wedge shots in there on
number two distances were quality as well putting not so much yeah
pulled the birdie look on the aggressive ball and ran the conservative first putt
way by thankfully we made to come back even par on the conservative ball and
even par on the aggressive ball on to number three number three is playing
about 600 yards from here so it is not gonna be reachable in these conditions
today unfortunately so our third shot our approach shot from wherever we lay
up to will be the aggressive and conservative approaches from there I’m
not using my words great at the moment so if you understand what I’m saying
seeing off pulled that drive a little bit there is
the ball yes we are gonna be laying up from here probably with about a seven or
6-iron Full Monty 87 yards – kind of a middle
pin there really isn’t a conservative play from here maybe playing just a
little left so we’re gonna aim a little left with the conservative play
aggressive play dead aim at the pin I was just left to the pen just about
how he grew it up we push that one a little bit and I
wasn’t a great swing but we’re up there maybe puting this is my buddy’s ball
right there there was the aggressive play right
there just that tension free swing on the conservative route was definitely
the way to go since I was trying to mentally feel more aggressive got a
little tight left it open so take a lesson there swing smooth and easy your
results are gonna be much better far on the aggressive ball even plar on both yes would have liked
to have run one of those two birdies in on the last hole in this hole but we
didn’t number for par for driver in hand probably playing a bow a little bit in the mud their contact
wasn’t good on either one we’ve got some work left to do
like I said neither one was hit well this one right here is the aggressive
play and right over here on the edge of the green was the conservative play got
a little work left let’s get them up and down that’s a bogey that was not a good putt
kind of a tricky little pin location here one over on both the conservative
and aggressive ball today very poor display of putting here on number four
however you got to forget that that’s in the past
it happened missed both those putts not good not we’re hoping for
however forget about it move on we’ve got number five see if we can’t go make
couple Birds number five par for borderline drivable in the summertime
not really drivable during the winter but we are going to take it over these
trees to give us a little wedge in maybe even a chip shot if we hit a well driver that was hit really well that’s how you
bounce back after a catastrophe on the last green that was dead in line with
the pin couldn’t have asked for a better Drive summertime it is probably up here
putting we’ve got a great look to get this up and down for birdie however I
don’t really know how we’re complaining and ggressive and conservative we’re
just going to try to hit two good chips first of all it’s a bit aggressive
second one was better that is a very tricky little putt there
water break not a bad attempt but in 4/4 first birdie of the day yes
aggressive play takes a 1-up lead going into number six at even par conservative
is one over number six par three pin is on the right side front just a hair
first of all cancer the ball we’re gonna play to the middle of the green so a
little left of that pin second ball dead aim ress employee worked out well I like
doing these drills out on the course just to get my mind thinking mentally
what the conservative play is and what the aggressive play is so if you’re in
good shape you may want to go with the aggressive
play if you’re not in good shape for your approach shot you probably want to
consider more of a conservative play these greens today are rolling very
quick both of those putter hasn’t been very good today not
really rolling in much of anything probably need to go hit up the putting
green after we get done with this nine holes just kind of start consistently
rolling the ball the ball is not quite coming off on the lines that I’m wanting
which in turn is gonna result in missed putts which we’ve had several today so
two over now for the conservative ball even par for the aggressive ball number
seven par 5 I believe it’s just over 580 from back here so – you up with the
driver like I said just a little right not in
bad shape we’re gonna be laying up so this will not be our approach shot let’s
sting this around the corner maybe yeah I think so
should be fun well I was fun have about 70 yards left
to our right pin there so should be in pretty good shape for both the
conservative and aggressive play conservative play we are gonna aim a
little left probably 10 feet left to that pin aggressive plate right at it kind of flip-flop those two swings there
we hit the aggressive one first and then the conservative one conservative one
was right where we wanted it aggressive was a little short but a good line currently to over on the conservative
ball and even par on the aggressive ball conservative ball has not been roll in
the rock very well today neither has the aggressive but the
aggressive ball has hit a few more quality shots into the greens so that’s
where at number 8 par 3 about 190 yards up the hill 6-iron full
set pin is kind of tucked left there so I’m going to be taking it about right
there on the edge of the green that you see for the conservative play will be
going right at it for the aggressive play we’ve decided will has to approach shots
to switch which one goes first the aggressive play we hit very heavy ended
up short in the bunker I believe the second one which was the conservative
play was actually hit right where we wanted it should be a good putt for
birdie might have a little length to it but our goal was accomplished middle of
the green with the oh that is what we’re looking for all righty two pars on number eight on
to nine if you’ve made it this far in the video I would crash gracious greatly
appreciate you hitting that thumbs up and subscribing below if you like this
kind of content that would be greatly appreciated it’s getting cold out here
well it’s been cold and it is getting more difficult to talk so we’re just
going to go ahead and finish up here really appreciate any support there on
the liking commenting and subscribing thank y’all so much
number nine par 4 about four hundred yards from here for iron off just a little wah but should be in the
fairway should be good to go good shape off the t-150 left to a very very left
pin all the way there on the left side our aggressive play will be right at it
and our conservative plays going to be going at that tree right there we are
going to play the conservative play first this time I know the aggressive
play played first the last couple conservative play first aggressive play
next I might have pulled be conservative play
just a hair but it was a good shot the aggressive play was him well I it
was on even a better line but I think it might be just a little long we’ll see
here is where the conservative play ended up and there is where the
aggressive play ended up see if we can’t get one or both of these in the hole you should have chipped that one now I’m
caught up in the fringe just a little bit yeah for the birdie on the
conservative ball let’s roll this and oh let’s go that’s how you end it with
the conservative Bowl now for the win the aggressive ball has a chance it
needs to make a four footer three and a half four footer this is for the win
folks my knees are knocking my hands are shivering let’s see if we can’t roll it
in for the win Oh No
the aggressive ball collapsed there at the end that was not how the aggressive
ball wanted to end unfortunately the conservative ball made a great comeback
well that wasn’t our best today one over on the conservative ball one over on the
aggressive ball hit some decent approach shots today
that was better that was an improvement from some of the last videos however our
putter kind of led us down we made a bomb there on nine with the
conservative ball which was awesome however we still need to go work on our
putting stroke tempo and alignment I think my alignment was getting a little
off and that was causing some of those missed short putts which isn’t typical
but we need to go address that and work on that here in the coming days next
time you’re out on the course give this a try when you hit a good tee shot be
aggressive if you have a good angle into the green go ahead and take that aim at
the pin if it’s a gettable pin and if you’re not in great shape off the tee
for your approach shot go ahead and take the conservative route you know play to
the fat part of the green the center of the green or even maybe to a place where
it will be a good place to hit a chip shot from if you get a chance to try it
out definitely let me know if it helps I hope it does I just I like to switch
things up think about the game from a mental approach not always so technical
so these on the course drills have really helped me out and lowering my
scores thank you all so much for tuning in if you like this kind of content
please subscribe below hit that like button and comment what you’d like to
see in future content and guys until next time we’ll see you when we see you you


  • Are you typically an aggressive player or a conservative player?

  • I’m normally a conservative player

  • I like to go for the pin but normally a safe player. Great Video btw!

  • I guess I wouldn't consider myself an aggressive golfer, because I think through each shot. Aggressive when the opportunity is there, but if there is too much risk or if I am uncomfortable with the shot, then I will be more conservative. Of course, everything is situational. Match play, position in the tournament and the need to be aggressive to win.

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  • You do really cool solo competitions/drills and your game is so solid! Fun to watch! Thx!

  • Just depends on the situation for me. But it doesn't matter if you play aggressive or conservative when you got a cold putter 🥶

  • Jean-Louis du Plessis

    Awesome stuff.

  • 15:10 😍

  • Full send. Why not? I don't play tournaments and matches are match play. More fun too.

  • Hi Sir Zac. Great video! I never tought this aggressive versus conservative play? I think I’ll do a lot of aggressive playing and trying to get it to pin. Gotta try this like that chipping & putting! I’ll see ya when I’ll see ya Zac!

  • It makes me upset when you complain that it’s cold meanwhile I’m up here in Canada where all the golf courses are covered in 4 feet of snow

  • Why not try doing a whole round where every shot you aggressive/conservative? Or at least every shot possible. If you do it enough times over enough rounds, thee should be a way to manipulate the format to where you could statistically figure out which is the better play for you. I mean it doesn’t matter that much, given that you gotta play by feel most of the time, but I’d be way interested on the statistical analysis of those results.

  • After two holes……Nice concept….but 90% of the time……the second shot is always better ( a least for mediocre players like me). you would have to play a safe round…..then a aggressive round. Still a good concept. maybe make the second "flipped" every other hole.

    i am conservative……hate greenside bunkers. how to avoid the bunker on most approaches.

  • Why do you not hit driver on 9? Seems like there's plenty of room for driver or at least a wood/hybrid.

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  • You should play aggressive because you are always coming up short

  • Interesting you switched to aggressive shot first. I do this all the time when playing a casual round with friends or alone, in different ways. Sometimes I drop a second ball at the 100 yd marker for a round, sometimes 50 yds out. These help me dial in those yardages and then become my layup yardages. When I normal shot and then go pin seeking, always hit the aggressive on first as I find my second swing from same spot is usually better, get a better idea of yardage and lie.

    A suggestion is to show a score in the corner so viewer remembers what it is.

    Great video idea.

    Looks like you caught a bit of Garret speaking disease haha

  • Golf Science Guru

    On the fifth-hole, where both balls were chipped from the same spot, the "aggressive-chip" was made after the "conservative-chip" so that the second chip had the advantage of seeing the break of the first chip, and thus the second chip was able to chip very close for a birdy. For this hole, the conservative-drive would be not going over the tree line to cut the dogleg off, which would result in a longer approach shot.

  • What course are you playing in what state is it in

  • I'd say I'm 50-50 if I had to guess but it depends on the situation. Tucked pin or trouble around the green, I'll be more conservative. Anything else I'll try and go after the stick. One shot at a time.

  • This experiment didn’t prove much. Should’ve played 2 different balls out, one making conservative decisions one aggressive

  • Any reason you take iron off 9 tee? I don’t know the course, but looks like you could take driver off the tee. I’ve seen you lay up there several times and am just curious. I usually elect to play aggressive

  • I play very aggressive. If I have a 40 foot window lateral shot to the fairway, or a 1 foot window inline with the flag, one foot window all day. I think of it this way, playing safe i lose a stroke, playing aggressive i could lose a stroke, either way I am losing a stroke. If the one foot window pays off and I hit the green, I just gained a stroke. I have gotten very good at rescue punches lol.

  • Send it for days, especially when you have distance with your clubs

  • Sure haven't given any good argument for either aggressive or conservative play. I would have to say the best play on the approach shot is whatever got ball most comfortable doing at that moment.

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  • I've only watched 2 of your video's so far. Love both of them. 1 was birdie on every hole, which I did all the time when I golfed more. It has a really great affect on how to play your own course or prepping for a new 1. Then this 1. Excellent content. Your golf I.Q. is great.

  • Do you have an optimal full-swing distance for a favorite approach club, and if so, how often do you lay up to that distance on unreachable par 5s? I love 100yds with my 56°, so I often try to hit to 100yds knowing my biggest miss will typically be +/- 2yds distance, and no more than 5yds left/right on a really bad miss

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    Enjoyed this video dude… One of your better ones for sure

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