How to Become a Clutch Putter in Golf | Mr. Short Game vs. Golfholics

alright guys we have a special treat for
you today let’s do it okay you’ve seen Mike and my our matches on your channel
you’ve been killing it thanks I’ve got a new one come in so be
sure to check that out and but I’ve been going through a lot of
the comments a lot of people like both of our puttting and I think you know
we’ve worked decent putters so we’re gonna do a teen whole pudding challenge
match today and while we do it we’ll talk a little bit about how we approach
cutting and maybe some of the things we like to do to help our punting game you
think yeah I you know I switched to the claw or pencil grip and I can kind of go
over that with you guys if you guys want to check it out and see if it might help
out you’re you’re putting it help mine out and so far it’s doing okay it is
kind of birdies today all right let’s do it
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checkout all right so we’re gonna do an 18-hole match I picked the first hole so
I’m Matt’s evens and par is gonna be 2 and total strokes wins let’s go to that far one out there all
right so we’ve got this farthest hole right there
yeah about a 60 footer I get a good read I like going second you got it
good looking putt not gonna break pretty hard left this is just a good way to
practice your lag cutting have some fun with your friends it was it was a tough start you know
it’s good to just kind of play around with it and you know have some 1215
footers left for the park oh sorry that was really bad camera work
but he just went high side and just passed it okay so math plus one right
now through one good solid far good but all right so it’s Matt’s turn so I’m
even he’s plus one through one all right so Matt Picht he’s got a 3540
splitter with a little left-to-right break tough but I like it good roll well done one thing it might a little firm so if
you watch Mike suppress our teen which is something you know really often he
just steps up lines up and goes he doesn’t do a lot of practice strokes and
it’s the same every single time buddy there’s a good tell all right good
two-putt all the tough one so I’m even Matt’s plus one through to my pic all
right this one’s uh the tough one it’s a long putt downhill and into the abyss down there a really good
breaking life to be maybe a kick in the way good good one but Mike did the right
thing on that long one is uh he went long at the hole so we had an uphill
putt coming back smart move trying to do like 15 footers 23 right
here all right straight up the hill stone
right there oh what a good roll okay get your foot any time you’re having putting
challenges putting games with your buddies
I always make pick some that you can make alright let’s go for the make maybe a
15-footer downhill don’t break nuts right right that’s
trying to get in my head a little bit okay not really so we just play ready golf we even
finish these up oh that’s close good two-putt so we just announced the score
after every hole I’m even he’s plus one through five middle hole the long one or
the middle one yeah get the middle one okay that’s a plus right there good roll a new firm oh great pot good two-putt v20 go
downhill version the whole we had a couple to go break it again okay good one good one hmm good effort jarred it slammed it
through the break this is a great thing to do after your round of golf don’t
just pile in the car and go home or go drink in or whatever you do great par if
you want to get better just spend a few minutes do some with it this is also a
fun game to play with your buddies for like lunch or breakfast good par all
right so I’m even your plus one that was me so that would eat alright so
there’s a 9th hole and then after nine we’ll talk about our let’s say our grip
and our Mike’s pre shot routine that kind of thing good-looking part like it look like now that was an excellent cut right
there that’s good job good one all right Mike even I’m
plus-one show me a grip okay so so there’s two grips that I’ve been going
with the first one I have my left hand just like this and then I do two fingers
I have an open stance I keep my left elbow is nice and tight to my body as
possible and I just swing it you made it okay so and then another one that I
really like also is where I kind of hold it like a pencil I grab it from
underneath I still keep my left elbow in and I’m just kind of swinging it you
know for me a conventional grip just never worked I didn’t like the feel or
the setup so I just right now I’m currently with the two fingers but I
also like this grip like that so my setup is probably more
conventional I usually start with the right hand and then I get my left hand
and I either get my finger going my right my left finger going straight down
my finger line or sometimes I do the reverse overlap here it’s just I don’t
really think about that it’s whatever happens happens but most the time I’m
down here fingered down there yeah his left his left index finger over
his fingers is a really good grip that’s the way to do it
if you were to be you know right hand low okay now when I start making some of
these we’ve had some really tough putts nothing too easy to make okay that one broke quite a bit good luck that snaps hard at the end okay all right good one all right so I’m
even your plus one you’re up through swing it down pretty
good to cut Mike’s just uh to the putting
machine today that’s for sure all right we’ll get the berm and makes it come
back up you know there’s no point to leaving yeah I I have a tendency to
leave a lot of long cut short and so I like stuff like this where I’m like okay
I’m going to try to get it past the hole every time yeah I have it but it’s still
a good mindset to have all right we can roll you might have made that oh good effort did you do it burn the edge Twitter left
on one footer Mike’s up no good effort things all day all day
and make but he’s going to write a yeah crept it
in there and good stuff all right good job okay that was your
pick yeah two more to go 117 maybe 25 feet to
the edge of the green isn’t good looking go down a little bit all right good job the last all you get to pick calm I pick
all right this is where it becomes fun and interesting in the last one you can
always you know just throw one in the rough throw it in the fringe have like
an 80 footer and get one back right top right all right
all right let’s look good one eat that far and that’s getting a little dark okay not bad kind of went online lying a little
better than mine right lock out of the mine but not know what a pot-house
clutch all right money all dead get in oh good stuff
all right here’s only do so we tied so we’re gonna play we’re gonna go tea yeah
great to putt you got me on that last one so a little tip the cap and should
we do ot shoots my pick okay your pick Oh or the Linda Sundance all 19 here we
come set in victory good stuff all right just a little fun a pudding game good
job got me again to really sharpen up your game do this I would say yeah if
you play it around or you just wanna practice come out to Buddy and play
games like this to really sharpen up your game and man you get nervous you
get tie it you get you get the feel some of what you feel out on the golf course
yeah I mean hitting three footers and 5-footers constantly all day just kind
of wears you down you know it’s good to do it but it’s also good to have some
fun and just play a little game with plenty of buddies yeah so this is one of
many good putting games so check out our golf Alex and we’re doing a lot of
content together so that’s always fun and subscribe to them hit the like do
all the stop love you guys see you next time Oh bloopers all right it’s great


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