How to Bounce Golf Balls on Clubs : How to Scoop Up a Golf Ball with Clubs

AUSTIN MCBRIDE: Hi, I’m Austin McBride with
Expert Village. Today, I’m going to show you how to scoop the golf ball off the ground,
pop it straight into the air. So, before I showed you how to do the same thing with your
foot, get it kind of pushed up onto the club face. Well, it’s the same principle, except
for you’re not going to be using your foot. You’re just going to slide the club underneath
and just start popping it up in the air. So, in order to do this, it’s definitely necessary
to have a higher degree wedge. This is a 58 degree, a 64 degree, 60 degree; all of these
will be good wedges to use while trying this maneuver. And what we’ll do is put the club
face right behind the ball, have our hands, somewhat, down the shaft up here. So, we’ll
be gripping it, somewhat, low to have some more control of it. And once we are ready
to go, we’ll just slide it right off the ground and scoop it right on to our club face. Now
we should be aware, when we scoop at the ball, it’s certainly going to travel away from us.
So as soon as we pop it up into the air, we need to catch it with the club face and bounce
it for, you know, as long as our heart desires.

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