How to Bounce Golf Balls on Clubs : Tips for Bouncing Golf Balls on Clubs

AUSTIN MCBRIDE: Hi, I’m Austin McBride, here
on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you how to get more comfortable with
this trick shot popping the ball up in the air. I wish it had a more official tittle.
So, we’ll start out here like we have been, pushing the ball up against our foot, popping
up, and bouncing it. Now, some exercises we can do to kinda start getting comfortable
with the ball being in the air and watching it is just trying to bounce it from left to
right. It’s a little bit more difficult, but it kinda prepares us to start getting some
of the more difficult trick shots that we’ll be doing in the future. So I’ll show you one
more time. To pop it in a certain way, we’ll just angle the face, either closed or open
a little bit. Then we’ll see the spin that will happen from it as it bounces back and
forth in front of us. Certainly, this is a little bit more difficult and it’s more or
less just to try to increase our skill in balancing the ball and becoming more comfortable
with it in general.

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