How to choose a disc golf Putting Putter | Disc Golf Beginner’s guide


  • Snek The snake

    This guy can read minds

  • BrewMonkey Video


  • 2:47 confirmed Danny Lindahl has switched from #TeamWarden to #TeamGuard … everyone panic buy Guards!

  • Danny is the disc golf Sensei. Thanks for the video guys!

  • Team Warden!

  • Team Shield

  • The mustache is just like normal now. If you shave you're gonna look weird.

  • Love danny's videos but you will never stop the war between snakes and the jets..oops sorry i mean Wardens and the Judges

  • Danny needs a woman

  • The Legendary E

    Do you guys still make classic hard.

  • you are good salesman Danny!!!

  • I bought a bunch of putters last year and the one I fell in love with was the Judge. However I kept the Warden too I like it as well, just not as much. Should I use the Warden for my approaches? Or just get rid of them so I'm not bouncing back and forth between beaded and non beaded?

  • Hittem wit dat “conversely” in honor of A.J. Risley leaving the tour to go to the police academy.

  • This video was ok, but i wonder what Dave Dunipace has to say about this…

  • Jehovah Witness Ripped Me off

    I used to not think u knew anything. Now that mustache is grown out, I think u have a clue. 😂 nice work kid. Keep it up

  • #teamslammer get em before they stop making em…

  • Seagraves Outdoors

    Awesome video. I'm really liking the keystone right now

  • You must not have gotten the memo of the slammer being discontinued :/

  • One of the better videos he’s made overall!!!

  • What DD putter is most similar to the Axiom Envy? Warden?

  • If feasible in your area try to get some putters from a brick and mortar store that sells used discs – you get to feel them in your hand, you get putters that are already broken in(which I think might be better for beginners too), and you get them cheaper.

  • I refuse to watch any video including Danny because of that 100% hell naw moustache!!! Even though I like his voice and know he is knowledgeable.

  • great video danny!

  • Love all your content Danny

  • Thanks for the explanation of DDs plastics (just saying that word reminds me of the Graduate HaHaHa). In any case, I hope I see you at an event sometime you've really helped my game!

  • #teamjudge soft plastic for about 5 years now.

  • I slowed this down to 75% and it almost sounded like someone talking at normal speed

  • There is nooooo bead on a deputy. Literally no bead

  • Danny…
    You really have to shave that mustache. It was funny at first, but unless you're planning on tying a damsel to some train tracks, or you fancy yourself the J.P. Morgan of disc golf, you need to find a new look.

  • Ryan TheAllKnowing

    I stopped watching your channel after you grew that moustache.

  • Honest ? not a criticism: Any reason you chose not to mention glide? For example I don’t like too much glide in my putters I find they float high. Now that could be in my head and it might not really matter for in the circle putts. What is your feeling on glide for in circle putts: matters/doesn’t really matter?

  • Another great video! #TeamJudge just got a Paige Bjerkaas fuzion burst. I haven’t even thrown it yet.

  • Great video Danny. We missed you at the mile high challenge in Denver

  • Buy a practice basket and one of each putter you're considering, then throw hundreds of putts – from various distances – and keep track of which putter(s) made the most baskets. That's how you decide which putter works best for you.

  • The lesson that I took from this mini motion picture is if you have a phenomenal mustache like Danny, you’re gonna make every single one of your putts regardless, of what mold or plastic blend you decide to go with.

  • Latitude 64 Mercy is my go to!!

  • Shave that nasty shit man lol

  • Danny… You`re rocking that `stache!!

  • cut it danny

  • Yes, people choose the beaded putter cause they dont like a clean release….

  • "you might wanna get a slammer"…… before they're discontinued RIP

  • Jake Chmielewski

    Great video! Love the advice as always and if I would've seen this several years ago it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration on finding my putter of choice. Only thing I can think to add which isn't so much beginner advice is try different plastics depending on the temp. I like softer putters when its cold out because they tend to get a bit more rigid and the firmer plastics when its hot out as they can soften up a bit.

  • The Marshal and the Deputy will arrest you and the Judge will put you in the Slammer and the Guard will guard you.

  • I kept waiting for the DD commercial to end, then I realized that it was the video. I'm kidding, Danny, keep it up. I'm still looking for an unbiased putter comparison video, tho..

  • the reason to switch putters in order to alleviate a slump is not about giving the player confidence – but why?
    beginners cannot, by definition, be 'in a slump', therefore what switching putters does is force the more experienced player to actually pay attention to their stroke and all of its tiny details AFTER the stroke and its details have become (more or less) 'automatic' habits. what this also means is that switching putters is a temporary fix which merely helps one identify the root causes of their putting woes…beginners must build their strokes before they can earn their slumps.

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