How to choose the right cross-country ski poles

Hi we are the Aukland brothers, I’m Jørgen and I’m Anders. Today were gonna talk about ski poles and what is important when you choose a pair of poles? You want a stiff pole to transfer the energy down into the ground and also a light pole. The weight is important. The weight is important. And what about this movement? The pendulum is also important because when you’re out double pulling you do this tons of times, so you want a really good pendulum to get the pole fast back into the right position. And sometimes it’s really soft conditions, what can you do about that? You have these guys, the baskets. You want a big basket when its soft conditions and a small basket when its hard conditions. The small basket is much better pendulum. And this you can change, easy. Yes, easy to change. Smart. Smart, really smart. So, to sum it up, what’s important for a pair of poles? You want a stiff pole, a light pole and a pole with good pendulum. Ok. Good luck choosing ski poles!

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