How To Create a 3D Tube Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

everyone this is Chris from Spoon Graphics back with another video tutorial for Adobe
Illustrator. Today we’re going to have some fun using Illustrator’s
blend tool to create a cool three dimensional type effect that looks like it’s made out
of a long bendy tube. We’ll then apply an effect which gives it
somewhat of a furry appearance, making it a useful trick to keep in mind for whenever
you might need to make some creative artwork for titles or logos. The way the effect works is you first create
a blend out of two circles, so begin by selecting the Ellipse tool and draw a small shape on
the artboard. Clear out the default black stroke, then apply
a gradient fill. The colours of the gradient are entirely up
to you, choose any vibrant hues for each end of the gradient flow by double clicking each
swatch. It might be necessary to switch to RGB to
have the ability to choose anything other than shades of grey. Set the angle of the gradient to 90 degrees
so the colours flow vertically. Hold the ALT and Shift keys while dragging
the circle to one side to make a duplicate. Shift and click to select them both, then
go to Object>Blend>Make. Head back to Object>Blend>Blend Options
and change the settings to Specified Steps. Enter a super high number like 1000 to produce
a smooth blend between the gradients. Now you have the blend created, the next step
is creating a path to apply it to. The first quick way I’ll show you is by simply
using the Pencil tool to freehand your design. Select both your path and the blend element
and go to Object>Blend>Replace Spine. The blended gradient is then stretched along
the path, which gives the effect a cool 3D appearance, especially where it loops and
overlaps. A second way to create paths for the effect
is to use a script font for reference. Unless you’re a master hand-letterer it can
be difficult to freehand your type, but using a script font gives you something to work
with. Lay out your text with the Type tool, I’m
using a script font named Local Market. Switch the fill over to a black stroke, then
right click and choose Create Outlines to convert the text element into shapes. Hit the Unite button in the Pathfinder panel
to merge all the overlapping letters. We can’t use the continuous outlines of these
letters, but we can effectively trace them with the Pen tool. Follow the shape of each letter by clicking
and dragging the bezier curves. Hold the Command key and click on an empty
part of the artboard to end a path before starting a new one. Draw paths along the entire text to reproduce
the word in single lines. Delete the outlined type once you’re done. Now a colourful blended gradient can be made. Draw a circle while gauging the size relative
to the text. Give it a gradient fill and alter the colours,
then set it to 90 degrees. Drag a duplicate of the circle to one side
while holding ALT and Shift, then with them both selected, go to Object>Blend>Make. Set up the Blend Options with Specified Steps
at 1000. We’ll need a few copies of this blend element,
so ALT+Drag a duplicate every time you need to use it. Hold Shift and select the first path of the
text along with the gradient blend, then go to Object>Blend>Replace Spine. Duplicate the gradient again and replace the
spine using the next portion of the text until it’s entirely made of colourful tubes. Any individual pieces can be adjusted using
the Object>Blend>Reverse Front to Back to alter the flow of the gradient. To finish off the artwork, grab the rectangle
tool and draw a shape to use as a background. Place it underneath the text using the Arrange
>Send to Back menu. Set up the gradient colours to complement
the type, but altered so the text is still legible. There’s one more trick that can be used to
customise this type further. Select all the gradient paths, excluding the
background rectangle, then go to Effect>Distort & Transform>Roughen. Turn on the Preview, then play around with
the Size and Detail sliders to give the text a furry appearance, which is perfect for any
animal or monster themed text effects. The final result is a cool 3D text effect
that can be customised with all kinds of colours, all created using just a blended gradient
and some simple paths. If you enjoyed this tutorial or learnt any
new tricks be sure to give the video a thumbs up. Subscribe to the Spoon Graphics YouTube Channel
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inspiration and free resources. As always thank you very much for watching,
and I’ll see you in the next one!

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