How To Do A Crossover in Soccer

Today we are learning how to do a crossover
in soccer. A crossover is also called a step over. Whats going on? Little dap! Its Jared Montz. Former pro, collegiate national champ and
coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. Sign up at Online Soccer Academy dot com for
our free weekly email! Plus view our OSA Camps schedule and watch
our incredibly helpful 200+ free training videos! The crossover is a classic attacking move
to get past a defender. Its typically done when you are taking a defender
sideways. Not, when you are dribbling straight at them. Key Points! Key Point One. Dominant Foot Around Ball from Outside. From the outside part of your body, bring
your dominant foot around the ball. So your leg is going over the ball. Key Point Two. Turn your Shoulders. Sell the fake! When you do a crossover sell it! Lots of players dont turn their shoulders
when they do a crossover. If your body doesnt look like its going to
the side, a defender wont believe you are. Turn your shoulders as you are doing your
crossover. Key Point Three. Touch To Opposite Side. Touch the ball, using the outside middle part
of your foot, in the opposite direction of your crossover. Key Point Four. Take a big touch. Take a big touch into space. If you take too small of a touch it increases
the chance the defender will get lucky and get a foot on the ball. Key Point Five. Accelerate! When you take a big touch into space, accelerate! Create a second or two of space for yourself
by going fast after your move. Dont gansta walk it! Exercise to Practice. For an exercise to practice on your own you
will need a ball and three cones. First start off with just the ball and practice
the crossover in slow motion. Once comfortable accelerate after doing your
move from a stand still. Now get the cones out. Start at the middle cone, do a crossover and
accelerate to the opposite cone you faked towards. Cones are five yards a part. After a few reps from a stand still, dribble
sideways, imaging that defender is coming with you, then do your crossover and accelerate
to the opposite cone. Whats Wrong! If you are struggling with accelerating after
your crossover, you are stepping too far away from the ball. Sell the fake, but dont step too far away
from the ball. Reason you dont want to step too far away
is so you can be in an athletic running position when you take your touch sideways. Bonus Tip! The Crossover works great when a defender
is on your back! Typically defenders get too close to your
back and they cant see the ball. So if they see your shoulders turning, they
are more likely to buy the fake you are selling! Bonus Tip 2! Step to the side with your non kicking foot! Beginner level players tend to keep their
non kicking foot glued to the ground during their crossover causing them to look like
this. If this is happening to you, practice just
the crossover footwork without the ball to get your feet use to how it should feel. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! Sign up at Online Soccer Academy dot com for
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our incredibly helpful 200+ free training videos! My name is Jared Montz and remember if you
Believe in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!


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