How to Download EA Sports Cricket 07 [New Install Guide]

How are you guys? And i’m your brother again And in today’s video, I will show you how you can download EA Sports Cricket 2007 Can download for your PC or laptop For this, first you have to open Google and do search. Cricket 07 When you search Then you have to open this first number result And friends when you open that link Then you have to go down-down-down And you have to go down And you have to click this like button And such a pop-up will come And now you have to click on the Like button here When you click on the like button Then this download link will be shown to you And all you have to do is click “Download Now” See this i’m downloading it like this And you have to cliick on download Anyway And this will start your download in a while See friends, my download has started in IDM I have already downloaded it, so I am canceling it And now I will tell you how you can install this game See friends when you have downloaded this game Then you have to go to your Go to that folder where you have downloaded that game And here you have to click on “enter” And then click on “Extract” And in this way, it will be extracted after a short time Friends, as you can see my game is extracted Now I will go to my game folder And click on cricket 07 And friends if you want to have a shortcut on desktop too Then you have to right click And here you have to click on send to And create desktop shortcut As you can see this for us Here will create a shortcut for us on the desktop And friends, if you liked this video or this helped you to download the game, then like this video And subscribe my channel too [Game Sound] Marsh is going to try over the wicket

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