• Love your teaching style Adam.I am starting to master the fade and draw with most of my irons,but I have a lot of difficulty though achieving a deliberate fade with my wedges and short irons.I tend to draw up to my 8 iron.When I do get a fade happening I tend to lose a lot of distance,up to 20 yards sometimes.Is that normal?

  • Luke Daniel Borel

    I have many times wondered, if you swing outside in and cut across the ball, but the club face to pointing at the target at impact, will the ball start out a little left of the target line, due to the ball being compressed onto the club face, or will the ball start out directly at the target before it starts fading.

    To look at it like he did in this video, if you open your stance and swing along the line of your feet, but the club face is pointing at the target at impact, will the ball start out slightly left of the target due to the ball being compressed against the club face, or will it start out on the target line (assuming that the target line is left of the flag on the green).

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  • talk less splain it less

  • Prasanna Kumar Das

    Like that statement " genius of the brain"

  • Love your video regarding fade, however do I need to regrip my hands ?

  • Does a forward ball position promote a fade ?

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  • This may cause shank to me.

  • Good video! I have a have a tough time hitting a fade,(a draw is my normal shot). When I open the face and line my body left just a little bit with a iron I only just hit the ball higher,how do I fade it.

  • When I try to hot a cut with an iron when I open the face a little bit all I do is hit it higher

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