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  • Thanks for the video. I'll try out the drills on the range to see if it helps!

  • I have a problem where I either hook the ball too much or push it too far to the right.  With some occasional straight shots.  When I try to stop the hook, inevitably the push to right happens, and when I then try to close the club more vigorously to avoid the push, I then get my hook.   It's a vicious cycle.  Do you have any advice.  I go back and forth between this two misses.

  • I have recently sent 3 driver heads rolling down the fairway. I hit the ball way down on the heel, and it snaps hard to the left. Besides a ton of lessons, any theories on what I can do ?

  • great explanation on te physics – I'm ready to try focus on the interaction of club path and club face direction.

  • Great job on the video. I'm 6'4 260lbs. My miss tends to be a pull or pull-draw, and not just with the driver. Face is square to slightly shut when it happens. So basically you're saying just imagine I'm trying to hit a fade and that will keep the face actually more straight at the target? I've been told this before by instructors, and just ended up hitting a high slice. Thanks for any advice….tired of adding penalty shots to my score.

  • Excellent illustration. This is my number one error. Question, would the club being too laid off at the top cause this in to out path? If so, are there any tips to fix the laid off position? Every time I try to swing steeper my hole swing gets thrown off..

  • I can't stop hooking the ball off the tee and it's killing my golf game. I use to be a upper 70's player and now I struggle to break 90. 🙁

  • Wrkd awesome 3 lrg baskets and I'm cured

  • Thanks for the tips!. It worked for me at the driving to range 75% of the time. More practice and I'm sure that the percentage will increase.

  • I am brand new to the game of golf and bought a set of clubs and went to the driving range for the first time today. I hit about 75 balls and id say 70 of those hooked way to the left (Im left-handed) and could not figure out what i was doing. I could chalk it up to being a first timer but I knew something was off. I was consistently hitting it 150-175 yards just not straight. Is it simply just hitting it on the end of the club?

  • I'm hitting off the toe is clearing the hip out could be a problem

  • They say a hook is easier to cure than a slice. I used to slice all the time when I first started but was able to cure it in about 6 months. But I have been fighting a hook for over 2 years now!

  • What if it is off the toe when you check? You said that swing mechanics cause this, any tips?

  • I've been struggling with a snap hook, especially on Friday when I was playing a competition, it was so annoying but amazingly I stayed out of trouble

  • Can someone explain the proper position for the club head for this drill?

  • Travis Krumenacker

    so what if you are hitting on the toe?
    …whts the fix then? setup?

  • Thanks for a clear understandable explanation 🙂
    I have a drill to work on now

  • Gordon Grayson

    Someone who understands the swing path. A rarity.

  • donthaveone donthaveone


  • donthaveone donthaveone

    i got a hole in one

  • HI I have a problem with duck hooking with my driver and I notice even when I'm taking practice swing it feels like the club head is trying to roll over and it's like the golf club is twisting in my hands causing the club head to close like twisting in my golf swing do think it's something to do with my grip? thanks

  • Dear Coach .. omg omg omg – coach, u have BRILLIANTLY broken down the HOOKing issue .. thumbs up!!
    My hooking issue with the driver started in April2018 (after trying to adapt to play to a switched driver)
    I believe i have the matter solved.
    TQ again. Lucky to have found your fantastic video.
    From Malaysia.
    Take care coach.

  • sometimes i sharpy the range balls to check my contact

  • brilliant video – I'm a 1 handicapper BTW — I took a 7 year sabatical and I'm making a comeback — have a nasty snap hook

  • This is incorrect. If the ball starts left it means your path is left. He is correct that the hook or curve of the shot shape is due to the face being more left than the path

  • The Duck hook is my problem also I tend to top the ball on my drives. It's making me insane

  • Do not release the club early … hold the angle, you will not hook itn


    I've fixed my path from 9 degrees inside to 3 degrees inside, but still feel like I have to really hold the club from turning over or use a very weak grip with the driver. I think what is going on is I am releasing or flipping early. My irons fly higher and shorter and my driver still closes. I think the fix is training a flatter wrist and later release but I only seeing gimmicky training tools to help this. Are there any drills to train to release later or maintain a correct wrist in the impact area? I also might be raising my wrists causing this flip as I have tried to hold off the club from turning over in the past, so a drill to avoid raising the hands in the impact zone would help me a lot as well.

  • David Hargreaves

    try a BASEBALL (ten finger grip) people….you will find it really hard pulling or hooking with that grip….I guarantee it………

  • Great explanation of the cause, and how to fix it…thank you…

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