How To Fix Your Early Release! 5 Simple Golf Tips!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions
about the dreaded early release syndrome and so today in this video I’m gonna
give you some some tips that’s gonna fix you up let’s go all right thanks for
stopping by again a lot of a lot of you have been asking about how to fix that
that early release we’re gonna tackle that today if you haven’t already
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it okay so that early release that is when your hands are releasing way too
soon obviously its early release right so how do we stop that from happening
there’s a there’s five things I want you to do and well technically six but one’s
a freebie here’s the first thing if you are rotating your hands open if you’re
rotating that face open you got to stop doing that okay because then you’re
gonna unrotated and you gonna release early so you can’t not have an early
release if you’re rotating those hands too much okay so we’ve got to stop that
so there’s a video I do about long irons I’ll link it up here want you to watch
that it’s gonna help you keep that clubface square and that’s step one sort
of step one it’s a free step of no early rotation so pause here watch that video
that long aren’t a link below too there so you know we got to keep that
face shut stop rotating those hands open okay then come back alright welcome back
now let’s get to those five steps step one here’s what you’re going to do you
are going to we have to start with our hips okay a lot of times because you
release early a lot of different things are happening and one is your hips
aren’t working properly you’re swaying back most of the time so we got to stop
its way back we’re gonna get a proper rotation that means none of this this
back hip just goes straight back okay we’re gonna start the swing with our
hips okay it’s gonna look like this there’s your first move right there your
first move his hips only not weight transfer forget about that turn the hip
that’s your first move okay step one you’re gonna start with your hips
boom hips first it’ll look something like this
hips only most the time we’re out of sequence for early release so we gotta
get those hips moving first once we get out all the pieces together it’ll make a
lot more sense okay step two very important so get those hips boom first
practice that like about thousand times then move on to step two step two is
this I want to go hips hands hips hands so I’m not gonna move the club head I’m
gonna move my hand it’s gonna look like this hands are gonna move back like this
so it’s gonna be hips hands think that hips are one hands or two hips I’m not
moving the club head now do that I’m just moving my hands it’s gonna look
weird that’s fine it’s a drill it’s gonna help you hips pants
okay sippin hips hands like that that’s what’s gonna look like hips and it’s
gonna feel weird at first wait till we get all the pieces together and then it
all come together hips hands hands a step to the goal is to stop hitting here
and start hitting here okay and that’s we’re getting some hips hands it’s an
okay step number three it’s me cool okay so you got your hips moving you got your
hands moving now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna plant on our left foot okay
hips hands hands with me here you’re gonna plant down on that left side heel
that front heel goes in the ground it looks like this hips hands plant that
down okay you don’t have to come up and go down but you got to feel like you’re
your weight is slamming down on that left foot hips hands plant that down
okay so you got hips hips hands I’m planting this down right here right
there okay hips hands plant that’s step three tipped and plant so that’s step
three step four is this hips hands plant right here turn the plant to turn
happens at the same time okay we’re planting and turning and driving forward
everything’s going this way do your lower body right you’re planting those
hips moving forward and turn and now you’re rotating okay you’re rotating
you’re still these are these haven’t done anything you’ve plant and you
rotate okay got to keep those calls so just keep your wrists real loose they
should be loose because you started like that okay so that plant it’s three
rotate is four count it off hips hands plant
rotate turn rotate on the same thing keep saying
wet turn if you don’t turn you’re gonna shank that sucker way right
what other direction do those shanks go okay hips hands plant turn hips hands
plant turn give tan lantern there’s one more step you’re gonna love it
I’m gonna show it this angle and I’m gonna show it that angle cuz you need it
both here we go your release Step five is release
release the hounds the problem is I mean we’re doing it wrong we release wrong
we’re gonna release right here we go your release is not at the ball your
release is not at the ball don’t release it the ball your release it’s right out
there at your target at the flag at the stick at the fairway that direction is
your release I’m releasing there now give your batting I don’t want to hit
here I mean if you’re batting you would hit here but that’s I want to hit here
okay I want to hit it out there that’s what I want to release I want to release
out there okay so you’re going hip hands plant turn release see that release out
there that’s my release point hips hands plantar release out there I’m releasing
way out there look at it from down here from this angle hips hands plant turn
release you’re releasing you’re releasing out there see that hips hands
plant turn please to release at the ball you’re gonna have to start releasing
here and that’s why you have early release if you want to release out there
at the target then you start unloading right in here and then you’re released
fully out there that’s the key piece to this whole you know conundrum is
releasing out they’re not out here when you release out here
you’re coming down like this and you’re like this which equals that if you don’t
rotate your hips you’re gonna you’re gonna get stuck in here and look like
this okay that’s why you have to get here and then it’s I’ve never seen
anybody with a great hip turn have an early release problem so that’s very
important as well okay so the question is you know why are we doing all these
things in the order in which we’re doing them like why the hips first because we
need to get those hips firing if you’re trapped sliding your weight back and
forth it’s gonna get stuck there if you just rotate it back then that’s gonna be
it’s gonna have a better chance of being your first move on your downswing if you
started with your hips first you start here it’s gonna be activated Tiger we’re
gonna activate your hips so that it’s then your first move to start your
downswing okay why the hands well we don’t want our grip to be so tight and
rigid that it if it has nowhere to go but release so we’re trying to loosen
that up we want to loosen everything up get more fluidity you know more in kind
of noodle motion it gets a lot more whip and a lot more speed and it helps
everything stay back longer so that’s why that’s step one and step two okay
and then step three you know we’re we’re we’re act we’re starting that swing with
the planting of our left foot that’s going to help your hips fire it’s going
to help you get the right body rotation and the right weight distribution right
here we’re not all loose and working properly that’s gonna be a huge help for you so
you got a plant and turn that’s step three and step four right they’re
working together those two really are together three and four turn you want
that and if you have those loose hands when you plant and turn your wrist cock
is gonna come later on in the swing more on the downswing and right now for this
drill we want to get there like a down cock in our in our downswing I’m not
we’re not rotating that face open we’re you know keeping it shut if
anything but we’re just setting those wrists in the downswing as opposed to
early on here because then it’s gonna release you’re gonna be so cocked and
rigid and tight at the top of your swing you that’s gonna be your first move we
want that to be we want the opposite to happen we want to come here and we
wanted to look more like that on the downswing
for this drill you’ll slowly start developing a better release point obviously and then that release we
talked about extending it out there release out they’re not at the ball just
a mindset it’s a mind shift in our thought don’t try to release here try to
release out there at the flagstick like I’m just I’m throwing the club at the
flag and think about that just a little subtle shift in our thought will create
a huge difference down at the ball I’m gonna try to release my club into the
net and you can hear a huge difference
already you start making I mean look at that good solid ball contact right there
sweet spot compression hands are gonna be more forward as opposed to back but
all those pieces have to work together for you to have great success and
eliminate that early release syndrome that plagues so many of us all right so
is one of these more important than the other they kind of all work together
certainly you can’t release properly without those hips moving so if your
hips aren’t opening enough you’re not you know you don’t have enough
flexibility and that’s that’s hips and they’re not working so then the rest
isn’t gonna work you kind of need them all to work together so work this drill
with these steps in your mind one at a time get step one then move on to step
two and just keep adding a piece as you go get ten shots on piece one then ten
shots Pete’s one and two then ten shots peace one two three and so on and so
forth until you’ve got them all put together and believe me it’s gonna help
your ball striking incredibly and work with irons first and then move up into a
longer and longer Club some more practice and the better you get at it
let me know if this works I’m ruined for you I’m here for you I get excited
because I want you guys to improve and I get just motivated the more success
stories I hear so comment below let me know how you’re doing hit that like
button subscribe to the channel I love you guys good luck out there go crush it
see ya


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