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Freddy: Do I have a bit of snot on my nose? Thomas: No, but you can get sunscreen if you’d like. Today’s trick tutorial will be a knuckle front flip or a Japanese kick or— This trick has a lot of names. What would you call it? I don’t actually do it that often, but I still find it fun. I can take you guys through how you do it. Thomas: I think one thing that is important to remember is, this is a show off trick, like the backflip. You don’t need to know knuckle front flips. It’s just for shits and giggles, really. Actually, if you just lift the camera, I’ll show—just by standing still on the skis. So the thing with knuckle front flips is that you don’t want to go with your skis next to each other and just go straight for the front flip. You’ll need more momentum to get over your skis, and it’s really hard. You can do that on a jump, but over a knuckle, it’s really hard. That’s where the kicking technique comes in, the Japanese kick. So what you do is, you find the foot you prefer to have in front. For me, it’s the right leg, and I use the left leg to kick. When you approach the knuckle, I kick the left leg backwards as I popping. So I kinda do, I guess, one-third of the flip already standing on the knuckle while I pop. And then when you get the pop, you spot for the landing a little bit. The more you do this, the quicker you can do it, and you can do it on smaller knuckles. I’ve seen pros basically do it on flat ground. So, if you get really good, you can do it on really small knuckles. But I definitely encourage you to try it on jumps before you try it on a knuckle. If you get it there and if you feel like you can get a lot of momentum, go try it on a knuckle. I would say it’s a good trick to try if you have a lot of snow on the slopes and landing. If you start feeling it, it’s a fun show-off trick, and yeah, have fun with it. And definitely hit us up in the, uh, what is that called? Beneath the video? The comments. Thomas: Yeah, if you want to leave a comment below. I don’t know why, but if you want. Freddy: If you wanna express how you feel about it. Express your feelings in the comments and tell us how you feel about it. If it was a good or bad situation you got yourself into. Go like and subscribe to our channel to watch more videos, and have fun skiing!

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