• Excellent as always Adam.

  • Thanks again for your sound advice – interested to hear your thoughts re using a "chipper" iron in lieu of 7, 9 etc on these sorts of lies….. cheers

  • This is my nemesis shot it costs me a lot of shots per round, thanks for simplifying this Adam… cheers.

  • You are back a bit like tiger. purest striker of the golf ball I have seen I'm serious. I mean you not tiger haha

  • That's not the kind of "tight" lie we get around here. Put the ball on some hardpack, then you'll have a tight lie. JM2C

  • Great and I wish we had that "tight" but public tight is not so nice. That said, you are doing a good deed every time you post a tip like this and I appreciate it.

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  • Adam really explains his teaching so clearly. As usual excellent work!!

  • Oh boy, I love your videos, Adam, but that is not a tight lie where I come from (Los Angeles). That's a beautiful, ball-striking lie that I'd be thrilled to get in the middle of a fairway.

  • Wouldn't it be the same thing to slightly move the ball back in stance and keep lower body quiet? I've been wondering this for a while. It just seems artificially putting your body in an unbalanced state couldn't be the most ideal way to skin the cat. Thank you for all your great instructions.

  • Love ya Adam keep it up mate !

  • I have learned so much from you, I cant thank u enough. Too much forward learn=a club that will dig. With a fluffy lie, loft is your friend.But with a tight lie, loft is your enemy, never more than an 8 or 9 iron.I have recently started using hybrid for these shots (the tough ones). It takes a while getting used to distance control with the hybrid, but if you are willing to practice with it, the hybrid is perfect for these tough lies.

  • Hands down the best golf channel on YouTube. I learn something New in every video.

  • Hi Adam, I'm only 13 and I've just started playing golf but I'm having a problem. Whenever I get solid contact on any ball (not very often) with any club the ball always seems to sway to the right. Any ideas on how I could get rid of this problem?

  • Excellent video as always. I have recently surrendered and given up chipping. I was just tired of mishits!!! i now do what you say but always with a 5 hybrid. The hybrid is less accurate, but, never mishits. No matter how tight the lie. Its dispersion is greater, but you have to pick your poisen.

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  • Hi Adam.

    When I try this type of shot…it comes off feeling not very solid….maybe I’m coming up on the ball as I strike it. When I use my hands/wrists a bit…it is super solid but my distance control is hard to keep consistent and is definitely no good for a short chip. I do notice if I keep the club low going back, I’m better able to hit solid chips without too much wrist set and release through impact. Can you comment on the take away and maybe the shoulder level through the shot. Should you lead shoulder stay pointed toward the ground all the way through impact?

    Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks again for the great video


  • Phillip Almeraz

    You should explain why the need for forward lean of face and body. What about the tight lie where you need to stop the ball quickly.

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