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  • Very good tip, clear and to the point. The clock analogy really made it easier to understand. Thank you

  • Excellent explanation of the club set up, many miss that point. Explains why I have not been as consistent as I would like with my fades particularly with driver.

  • Claudio Chisani

    Thank you very much for the great explanation! In terms of body alignment, using the clock analogy, do feet stay parallel to 12 o'clock (target line)? 

  • Claudio Chisani

    Would you be so kind to post a video on how to hit it as straight as possible pls? 

  • Claudio Chisani

    Thank you very much Sean!

  • Claudio Chisani

    I used to hook the golf ball severely and now I am blocking it. Looking at the how to cure a hook video that you posted, I think it is now just a matter of hitting the ball in the centre of the club and having the face straight at impact. 

  • If you fade it by coming across the ball, you're gonna be hitting the far side of the ball, which will give you less distance.  What I do is I aim my clubface to the left of the target, and my body even more to the left than the face, so I can still hit the inside of the ball.

  • Christopher Dobbs

    Great swing!

  • Great tip, I've worked on this at the driving range, when I have that move ( making the club swing to ten o'clock all I do for the most part is hit a hard pull.
    I'm a senior golfer and still blessed with good flexibility, I played a fade ball for years, I've been working at trying to recover that fade. 
    My nemesis is the snap / pull hook, deadly at my home course which has numerous OB left holes. I play off an eleven handicap if I could hit a consistent fade off the tee I'm positive I could cut 2-3 shots off my 'cap. Certainly not easy and no quick fix recovering my fade, but I love the challenge.

  • Are u irish im fom cork ??

  • I was trying to fade the ball with your instructions, and the ball is drawing.
    I have a draw/hook issue for years. The nice thing is your instructions give me a very nice looking draw only 10 yards maybe (much improved). But why isn't it fading. I set down a club parallel to target so I know my feet are even more left than yours. And now it feels like I am going to slice with the club feeling open. However even with this.. I am getting a draw. Is my perception of where the clubface is just wrong? I feel like the ball should be heading right, but somehow it heads left.

  • Ethan the king Taylor

    i liked it but ur soooooo boring

  • Harold Pohoresky

    Excellent explanation Thank you

  • What about grip and ball position for a fade?

  • Wow – good video. I didn't realise a Fade could go as far as a Draw if executed properly. Thanks.

  • Whoa.. you have some serious speed with your irons. That's even faster than Tiger.

  • really enjoyed your teaching method on the fade.

  • Can u tell us how the clock is setup ? Where is 5 and where is 10?

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