How To Hit A Stinger | The Shot Every Golfer Wants In The Bag

I hope y’all having a great day I’m out
here at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club and I am gonna teach you how to hit a
stinger and kind of walk through my thought process and how I go about
hitting the stinger I’m also going to show you how to hit the big banana cut
and the big sweeping draw those will be the three shots that I’ve got for you
here on the channel today I don’t know if you’ve seen these stinger shots kind
of floating around the gram YouTube and pretty much every time I play golf
I love hitting them hope you do too hope you can learn a little bit get out and
show your buddies how to hit a stinger after watching this we’re gonna jump
right into it all righty first and foremost you’ve got to select
a club yes I’ve got the four iron Titleist seven twelve you this is the
club that I hit all my stingers with typically I like the four iron selection
just because I can control the trajectory the best however a three iron
or a two iron works as well some sort of long iron I also have some buddies who
use their hybrid or fairway woods so just kind of at your preference but I do
like to go with the four iron alright I’ve got five keys to hitting a quality
stinger first is ball position I’m gonna put the ball position about middle of
the stance so kind of think about where you’d put a wedge shot in your stance
that’s where I put the ball position for a good stinger second key is to put 60%
of your weight on the front foot third key is to lead hard with the hands
creating a lot of lag so you want those hands leading hard the fourth key is to
make sure your upper body is actually rotating as well because if you don’t
rotate your upper body and are leading hard with the hands that clubface is
going to be open which will cause it to squirt out to the right
and the final key is to have loose forearms kind of think noodle arms so
you want no tension in your forearms so you can create a lot of speed tension is
going to actually slow you down through impact so we want speed to hit a good
stinger you heard all five tips now just send it not almost right up through the bunker
not quite but we’ll take it I wanted to show you my swing in slow-mo so here it
is there wasn’t a quick wardrobe change in
clouds did not whole and this was filmed on a different day that was hit out just
a bit to the right a little baby draw on it that looks good right there this is
the face on view the ball does look to be a little forward of center however
that was just the camera angle it’s pretty much right in the middle of my
stance and we’ll take that right there now back to how to hit a stinger stay
tuned till the end of this video after I’ve showed you how to hit a
stinger and we’re just gonna have a plethora of stingers after that just one
right after the other to end this video of how to hit a stinger you’re gonna see
more stingers than you probably even want to but they’re there if you’d like
to view next up we have the banana bender bending it around this tree I’m
gonna have to cut this somewhere around 50 to 60 yards to get it back to the pen
how I set up for the banana bender is I’m gonna open my stance open my whole
body I want to kick the club way outside so then I can swing hard down into the
left yeah it’s a borderline shank but that’s how you cut it 50 or 60 yards so
that’s what we’re gonna do here we were a long ways out there so we
weren’t gonna reach it that was more or less just a layup we’ll take that all
day long if y’all are famous stingers like I am
drop a lie down below I love hitting them hope you do too
third and final shot bender around the corner what I’m gonna
do here I’m gonna aim relatively at the target maybe a little right drop my back
foot two to four inches causing me to swing more inside to out that’s gonna
cause that big curve I’m also gonna close the club face just a little bit
should look about like this I’m not gonna hit down any better than
that right there the hotel really well we’ll take it all right here’s the pen I
wanted to show you where this ball ended up since I don’t get that opportunity on
Instagram very often here’s where it ended up just off the back edge it just
ran through the green probably about 35 40 feet from here but we’ll take it I
hope this was a beneficial tutorial for you on how to hit a stinger hope this
helps you get out there and sting it with the best of them you can show your
friends tell them these tips as well share this video would be greatly
appreciate in it if you haven’t subscribed already that’d be greatly
appreciate it as well and y’all here comes a bunch of stingers you’re
probably gonna get tired of watching stingers because there are quite a few
hope you enjoy them and until next time we’ll see you when we see ya oh my that is ridiculous Oh like gouache that was stung
that was stung so hard honey came out of it

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