Today I’m going to show you 5 pretty easy
tricks that are very cool. So I thought I would start out with the handspring
skiing. It’s really great at the drop in since it’s
pretty cool. Start something like this. Go up and then. Jens that was super lame. No! That’s pretty cool. No super lame you can’t start your video like
that. You want to try that Vin? So I made a list of 5 easy and cool tricks. But since I’m rather old-school I’m 28 after
all. My buddies Danny and Vinnie said my tricks
were neither cool or that easy. So they made a new list for me on how to make
some easy tricks look pretty cool. Check it out. The first trick is tail drag shifty over rollers. This since you can find rollers everywhere. Before you do it make sure that you know how
to do a shifty. Jump twist your legs one way and the upper
body the other way. When I do it I like to drag the tail over
the entire roller and the longer I drag the more shifty I give it. But Vinnie, on the other hand, he pops over
the top of the roller and then only drags the down part and at the end of the drag you
just untwist the body. Here is my coolest tail drag ever. You have to know how to do a pretty good ollie. When you do an ollie on skis you have to put
a lot of effort in. You have to really send the arms up, pop hard
with the hip and lean back. So the motion is going to look like this in
slow-motion. I could actually show you in slow-motion. Then it looks like this. Find ideally a flatter slope than we are at
right now. Where we can do the ollie 180. I need you to wind up a bit of rotation. Set it off so you have to go sort of like
this and then around. Does it make sense? Hmmm kind of. Sweet! Alright let’s try one . So once you have done a couple of ollie 180s
start dragging the tails on the ground. When I do it like this I like to drag the
tails as long as I possibly can, it’s pretty cool. You can do it over features like this too. If you are really tough maybe you want to
pop high , chill, push those tails down and then late 180. But personally I like to drag my tails for
as long as I can up the roller and down the roller. So to make the switch 180s cool with little
effort. I like to ride in with a lot of counterrotation
as well. So you can like tail drag then late 180. Nose drag late 180. All that rotation is in your upper body/counter
rotation. Sort of like that. Then it gets pretty wicked. First of all try a couple of switch 180s. Then you can try like here switch late 180. So you use that counter rotation to twist
it around. You can try a switch nollie/ollie of the noses. Then it gets pretty cool. You can pop off the switch 180 and push those
tails down and do a switch tail drag 180. That will make your switch 180 game a little
cooler. So if you feel comfortable dropping and you
wanna make em look a little cooler with very little effort. A lazy boy handdrag is going to do the trick. To make it a little rader. So I suggest you start with an easy drop or
where it just goes from flat to steep down like I tried to do it into the halfpipe or
just in the slope before you take it to Gnarly off-piste here. All right. Did you pronounce the G on gnarly. Who’s the G? Did you pronounce the G on gnarly? It’s Gnarly alright. I shouldn’t do that? Gnarly? I like it your way. Let’s drop this Gnarly cliff! Cruise in. Wii. As you see lazyboy’s are pretty fun in most
places. Next trick is nollies and Danny has disqualified
me from doing them. Because my style is not so great on them. So I got Vinnie here since he can do it cooler. Can you do a cooler nollie than I? I hope so, yea. Do something rad if you can. Before you send it big over a roller start
on the flat ground and just nollie. You pop but you send your body forwards and
roll over the tips of the skis and allow the flex of the ski to send you a little bit up
in the air. When you want to do one of these cool things. You have to use a lot of counterrotation and
lift the noses up quickly! Because if you it this way your noses can
really catch an edge. There is a safer way of doing it like Erik
here. He stays on the uphill edges but it’s a little
less cool cause you get fewer kamikaze points. I guess that’s why he had to do a quadruple
tap. Keep working on your nollie shifties and if
you do like a nollie shifty tail drag 180 it’s really cool! With the nollie its sort of important that
you check how high up you can nollie before tips catch the snow and you get screwed over. You can go up more on the noses than you think. As soon as you think you know how far up you
can go it’s gonna catch you by surprise and it’s awful. So as you saw nollies are a pretty versatile
trick and if you ad some shifties to it or nollie 180 it´s gonna impress your friends.


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