How to Play Mini Golf, Part 1

It’s time to learn how to play miniature golf.
First, head to the golf check-in window and pay for your round of golf. Great! Now it’s
time to get the equipment you will need to play. First, you’re going to need a golf ball.
Each person only needs one ball, and you want to be sure that everyone in your group has
a different colored ball, so you can tell which one is yours. As you can see, this is
one of the hardest decisions you will be making on your visit to the golf course.
Next, you’re going to want to choose a putter. The putter that will fit you best is one that
goes up to about your hip, or waist. If you’d like to keep score, you will want
to grab a scorecard and a pencil, or you could just play for fun without keeping score.
Now that you have the equipment you need, you’re ready to go. When you get to the first
hole, decide amongst yourselves who will go first in your group. The first person should
put their golf ball on the green between the edge of the green and the start of the bricks
that line the hole. Now you’re ready to play. First, the grip.
Hold the putter out in front of you and shake hands with it using your dominant hand; the
one you use the most. Then bring your other hand above the first onto the grip. Next, the stance. Stand next to the ball, making a triangle with your two feet and the
golf ball. And now perhaps the most important step of
all: aim. Your putter has a line on the top of the club head. This aim line will be the
direction in which your golf ball rolls. Make sure the aim line is pointed towards the cup.
Lastly, the stroke – or swing. Do NOT swing the putter with a full golf swing like you
see on a regular golf course. Instead, use a putting stroke to hit the ball – keeping
your putter below your waist. Everyone should hit their first shot. Then,
the person whose ball is closest to the cup continues to hit until their ball goes in,
or until they have hit the ball six times. If after six strokes the ball still hasn’t
gone in, pick it up and let the next-closest person play. The person with the next-closest
ball to the cup then hits until it goes in, or until they reach six strokes. Repeat this
process until everyone in your group has finished the hole. Your entire group can move on to
the next hole. Once you have played all 18 holes on the course,
you’re finished. Here at Putt U, we have a 19th hole. The 19th
hole is a fun way for you to return your golf ball. Try for a hole-in-one!
If you’ve kept score, add up the scores on your scorecard. The person with the lowest
score is the winner! Congratulations! You’ve completed your round
of miniature golf.

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