How to Play Mini Golf, Part 2 – Tips & Keeping Score

You’ve mastered the basics of mini golf. Now
it’s time to become a pro! Maybe your golf ball has found itself in a sand trap; or maybe
it’s in a stone hazard. DO NOT hit the ball out of the hazard. Instead, pick the golf
ball out of the sand or stones and place it on the green next to the hazard. Don’t take
your ball back to the beginning of the hole, but play it from where it went into the sand
or the stones. What if your golf ball goes for a swim into a pond or a water hazard?
Don’t worry; the ball floats! If it’s in a pond, use a ball scooper to retrieve your
ball, and place it next to the pond where it fell in. If it’s in a water hazard, pick
the ball out of the hazard, and place it next to the water where it went in. Continue to
play from this point. Sometimes your golf ball may leave the green. Again, pick up your
ball and place it back on the green about where it went off and continue to play. Your
ball might have stopped rolling resting up against a brick. In this case, you are allowed
to move the ball two club head lengths away from the brick in order to give yourself a
swing. Let’s talk about golf etiquette. Your golfing group should have four or less people
in it to keep a steady playing pace. Adding another person to your group will add about
25 minutes per person to that round. Groups larger than four may hold up others behind
them. If you are holding up a smaller group, it is courteous to step aside and let the
smaller group play through. Running is NOT allowed on the golf course. Walk, and watch
your step. There are bricks and hills. Also, don’t interfere with other groups playing.
Wait for the group ahead of you to finish playing the hole before starting play on that
hole. Once you begin playing your round, continue to play all 18 holes. Make sure to use the
restroom before your round. You should not have to stop for a bathroom break or a snack.
Enjoy a hot dog or some refreshing ice cream before or after you finish your round of golf.
Although optional, keeping score can be a fun way to track your progress through the
course. You’ll notice Putt U has a scorecard for each course. If you are playing the Blue
Course, you’ll want to grab a blue scorecard. The red scorecard is for the Red Course. The
scorecard is made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns. The rows list features of
each hole. The first row is the hole number. The next row is the par. Par is the number
of strokes it takes an average skilled golfer to play that hole. The third row lists hole
length, in feet. After these rows are blank ones which you will fill in while playing.
Each player in your group gets their own row on the scorecard. Every hole on the course
has its own vertical column. This column is where you write your score for that hole,
along your row. In this example, Abby gets a three, and Josh gets a four. After nine
holes, you will add up your total score for holes one through nine. After completing your
round, you will add up the totals of holes ten through eighteen. Combine these two numbers
to get your total score for the round. We hope you’ve enjoyed becoming a miniature golf

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