How to Play Soccer : Passing Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

Okay next let’s talk about passing. That
is the fundamental part of the game. It is what you are going to be working on most.
There are two types of passing, short passing and long passing. Let’s first talk about
short passing. What you are going to want to do is get over the ball just over the ball
head to where you are going to pass the ball. You don’t want to be looking down; you want
to be looking where you are going to pass. Okay, your left foot or right foot planted
next to the ball and then move through real easy like that. The second type of pass is
a long pass for this type of pass you want to get a little loft on the ball get it in
the air so you are going to do a few things differently. Instead of being over the ball
like this when you strike it I want you to lean back slightly just a little bit when
you come through that way the ball is gonna just naturally float over. Let’s take a

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