How to Play Soccer: Soccer Positions

Hey guys it’s Simon here from Soccer
Training Central. I’ve just put together a few slides to
take you through the different soccer positions, and thought I’d record a short video to walk you through them. So first of all, we’re going to start with defense. So there’s two formations with defense. The first is where you’ve got three at the back. So you can see you’ve got center back, left back, and also right back. As the name would suggest they’re marking their own specific area. The next formation has four at the back. With this one, the addition is really around the
sweeper, and the sweeper’s role is really to cover everything. So they’re covering the left-back,
also covering the right back. So they need to be very good as far as their
positional play, and really working with the other backs, here and making sure they’re tidying up anything that might get through. Really important role to have in your team. The next positions are around midfield. So there’s a
few ways this midfield might be made up depending on what
formation you’re actually playing. So here, we’ve got three in the middle, so a centre midfield, left midfield and also a right. Another way of playing might be where you’ve got four in the middle, which could either be shown this way, so you’ve got the two center midfields side by side, or the other way is where the center midfields are stacked above each other. The way this works really is that this
midfielder here is really to support defense, so is more
of a holding role. Whereas this one, is more about offensive or attacking. So this one is more defensive, and holding, and
really sitting in front of the the defense line that’s here. And this center midfield is pushing up in this direction to support the
forwards. The other thing is that these midfielders really become more wing so their role is, they’ve got a lot of running to do, so they’re dropping all the way back in in defense
but they also move all the way up forward right up to
the opposition goal there to support the forwards, so they’re doing a lot of territory as far as down the right and also the left hand side. Then you’ve got your forwards, and again depending on what formation you’re playing, you could be playing with two up the front. So that’s your left center forward, and your right centre forward. Another one is is where you’ve got just one single centre forward up the front. Or another way is actually have four
forwards so you’ve got your left centre forward, your right, and then your affectively your left and right wing. So it’s similar to what I was saying before with the midfield, these guys might drop back a bit but certainly they
are playing much more of an attacking or offensive role, so very much more about pushing forward and really attacking. That’s what you got there as far as
the four forwards up front. And if I was to throw them all together, this is sort of what it would look like. Now obviously if you count all of these up you’ve got more than eleven players on the
field but it’s really just to say that the position you play depends on the formation your team is playing. I’m going to record a separate video about the different styles of formations
that you can play. Obviously the ones that are interchangeable here are the left wing and the left midfield; there’s a bit of overlap. Hopefully that’s helpful. Check out my other video which
takes you through the formations that are also available. Cheers.

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