How to Position Your Wall as a Goalkeeper – Soccer Tips

Hello this is Stefano from best soccer
tricks dot com. Today, we will be showing you how to position your wall as a
goalkeeper, to make sure they block the free-kick shot on the left side and
you stay on the right side. Alright, so when positioning your wall, instead
of staying in the middle and guessing, which technique is to go to the side, so
you go to the side of your pole, you look at your defender. So the defender on the
left extreme part of the wall, you make sure he is aligned with the ball. So most
of the time your last defender is going to be looking at you, so he’s going to be
turning around and he’s going to be looking at you. Now right now, if you come at my
angle, you will see there’s he is aligned perfectly with the ball, because you can’t
see the ball. So in this case, it is good. But, if you would see, if he moves a bit
to the right, you see the ball meaning that your left side is exposed. So when
you want you’re going to tell him to go to the left. Again, again, now I don’t see the
ball, so now he could turn around. In this example, the balls are the other
players, so they will be covering the left portion and a net. So by doing that, I
know that my left side is covered, I can come in the middle and when the shot is
taken, my job is to cover the right side. If they do a chip shot, and it’s over
them, I’m deep enough in my net that I can actually get to it very easily. So by
doing this when the shot comes you’re going to most of the time, get it on the
right side because they’ll want to get on the right side. If not, your wall will
block that ball. Alright, so on the other side, same thing pretty much. When it’s
closer to the middle you got a position your wall, it’s same but you just always
go on the side of the ball, so if it’s actually directly in the middle, you
still… You got to choose the side, but when it’s on the right side you’re going to
basically always go on the right post and when it’s on the left, you go on on the left post.
Another thing, from close distance you usually want to put four or five players.
The further it goes, the less men you want. So for example, right here, from
this spot here, you would have in between four and three players. If it is in
between the midfield and your big box, you’ll usually have about two. Never one,
because you’re just wasting a player. So you’ll have minimum of a wall of two,
to usually block the crossover. So in this example, when you look here
so my defender is looking at me waiting for my instructions. So in this
example, as you can see these go way off the boss so he’s completely on the Left
leaving my whole right side open for the goal. So what I’m going to do is I’m
going to tell him to come to the right side. To keep going right, to keep going
right, to keep going right, to keep going right, okay now, he’s perfectly aligned
with the ball he couldn’t turn around and get ready to block the shot.
So once the shot comes, my right side is going to be nice and protected. I go straight
in the middle to get ready for the shot on the last shot. Why am I not
staying on this side? Because, I can guarantee you, if that shot does end up
going over them even though you’re still in your net and it’s easy for a chip
shot, you still won’t be able to get to that corner. So by staying directly in
the middle, you want to usually prepare for the left side, but if it goes to the
right you’re still capable of saving that shot. I hope you enjoyed that
explanation on how to position your wall as a goalkeeper. Very important because
free kicks do happen often and they can actually be very dangerous. For more
videos, go to best soccer tricks dot com thank you for watching! [Best Soccer Tricks]

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