How to retrieve your jet ski or PWC | Club Marine

Dom Wiseman: You’ve enjoyed a great day out
on the water and now it’s time to put your PWC back on the trailer and head home. By following these few simple tips, you will
end the day just as you started, incident free. Dom Wiseman: When you get back to your car,
have a quick check of the trailer to make sure it’s firmly attached to the vehicle to
avoid any embarrassment back on the ramp. When it comes to backing the trailer down
the ramp, back it just far enough that you can float the PWC onto it. For novice owners, we recommend that you winch
the craft back onto the trailer by hand. As you become more experienced and familiar
with your trailer and PWC, it is possible to drive it up onto the trailer itself. Either way, attach the winch strap and the
safety chain before driving off the ramp. Dom Wiseman: Once you’ve left the ramp, find
a quiet spot where you can pull over and start the engine. Give it a few revs to blow water out of the
exhaust system before shutting it off. Once you’ve done that, remove the bungs and
make sure you reattach the safety strap that attaches the rear of the craft to the trailer
itself. Once you’ve got all that in place, you are
ready to drive home. The most common mistake made on the ramp by
newcomers to boating is to not secure their craft to the trailer correctly. By double checking that your safety chain
is securely attached to the vessel, you eliminate any chance of it sliding off halfway up the
ramp. Dom Wiseman: Enjoy your time on the water,
boating is better with Club Marine.

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