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Yes guys was happening [on] [Lamar] Aaron 4-4-2 presenter And I’m craig reid professional footballer and head coach at leat striker training Com So craze going to show me how [to] shoot with power so we can show you guys how to be an elite striker? Let’s do it Okay, great so some of the greatest strikers over the time have all made a name for themselves by hammering a bull in the back of the net the likes of Alan Shearer [Batistuta] and Adriana can the average player learn it for himself any player can learn it Pinky Corner use your laces keep your head over the ball there you go guys time for some turkish Just before we go through the drill I just want to show you the technique or striking with power First of all get your planted foot next to the ball with about 2 inches got Next keep your eyes on the ball and head over the top of it lastly strike through the center of the ball with your laces So you’ve learned the technique now It’s time for the drill first of all be quick feet on the edge of the box to lose your marker Good first touch pass the defender use your laces keep your head over the ball pick your corner Okay, [Lamarck] now. We’ve been through the drill once [I’m] just going to show you a few tips to help you with you technique at striking it off I just noticed that when you took your shot, and you dragged it You lifted your head off a little bit one of the most Important parts of striking with power is keeping your head over the ball at [all] times and not lifting it until you’ve actually hit it There you go guys that is how to shoot with power finish the [Chromebook] [craig] Where can everybody find that war or what you do if you like what you’ve seen today? Go over to our Facebook page hit like [at] [least] [like] your training if you want to find out some more Elite strike a training comm or our Twitter elite strike at Est So there you go guys if you’re new to the channel make [sure] you subscribe If you liked the video make sure you hit like and if you’ve learnt anything don’t forget to leave a comment below


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