How to Snow Ski : How to Slide a Snow Ski Box

When you’re first starting out learning how
to slide boxes; it’s really important that you choose a box that’s set up for beginners.
Most mountains have a smaller beginner part. As you can see right here, this box is not
very high off the ground. There’s not that much of a gap from where you take off to where
you actually land on the box. You don’t want to pick one where the take off is way down
here, and the front of the box is way up here. When you’re first starting out; you’re not
going to really want to have to worry about making it up on top of the box; as opposed
to getting your weight balanced, and being able to slide the box comfortably. As you
can see here, with coming off; there’s no drop off or anything. It goes right back into
the snow. A small box like this is going to allow you to focus on the basic fundamentals
of sliding the box; keeping your body positioned properly, coming off properly, and getting
on properly. It’s going to make it a lot easier if you do fall and slip out. It’s not going
to hurt as bad, because it’s not that high off the ground, and if for some reason; you
do catch a front edge, and you fall off the front; you’re already right there on the ground
with it, so it’s not as bad as some of the larger features on the hill. First and foremost;
you need to pick your terrain features properly to go along with your skill level. Now we’re
actually going to be sliding the box. I’ll walk you through what you’re supposed to do
as I’m actually on the box and sliding. Just make sure you keep your weight balanced throughout,
so you don’t slip out, or catch your front edge. You’re going to hop sideways and then
hop regular again. As you noticed, I hopped sideways; I crouched down low, so I was in
a proper stance on the box, and then I came back forward like that. When you’re sliding
sideways, it helps if your body is still a little bit forward; just because it will make
it so you can bring your body forward again, so you can go back down the hill. Sometimes
it gets difficult to bring your body forward if you get completely sideways, and you’ll
end up coming all backwards; which is good, if you mean to, but if you’re not meaning
to, then it can just lead to your falling or being out of control. You want to be able
to pop back forward, and come out regular again, and go and ski the rest of the run.


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