How To Spin To Win On Skis

Getting lost in the air happens to the
best of us, especially when you get into the more difficult spin and off-axis
freestyle tricks.This tutorial will show you a Spin To Win drill you can use to
dial down your air awareness with the Tramp Skis. Warm up by practicing your
spins both ways without the skis on. You want to make sure you’re comfortable
spinning both ways before trying this drill. Once you’re ready, you can strap in!
Picture a hula hoop around your body while your hands hold on either side.
Start by jumping a 180 half turn, keeping your hands locked in their position. As
you come around spot the other end of the trampoline. Once you land, do a
jump 180 the other way. Do this as many times as you can back and forth. If the
hypothetical hula hoop is out of orbit, your arms are likely doing different
things or you’re spotting too far down or up. Practice this up to 360’s, 540’s and 720’s. Spin To Win is the best game to hash out
with your friends and it’s great to practice on your own.
Start with 180’s left and right. Once you’ve done both, add 360’s both ways and
so on, essentially build up until you mess up. Once you’ve made a mistake, start again. Add grabs for more advanced practice. I
personally start my tramp session with this drill to warm up my visual and
mechanical cues. A more advanced version of this drill is wicked for those techie
rail tricks. Warm up on flat ground by breaking the spins down into quarters,
90’s, 270’s and 450’s. Hop on the tramp, and incorporate the quarter spins with
the half spins, 90, 180, 270, 360 and so on. Keep track of your progression and
battle it out with your friends. This tutorial was filmed at Whistler Bounce.
I’m Kallisa Lolos from Ski Addiction, helping you ski better!


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