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Are you having issues with casting the golf
club? This is Sean McTernan and you’re watching
another episode of My Golf Tutor, the number one place on the internet for you to play
your best golf now. Welcome back and today’s question comes from
Jason and Jason wrote, “hi Sean, I have been having a lot of issues with casting the golf
club. I feel it is costing me a lot of distance. Can you please explain what causes this and
some solution to get rid of it?” Jason thanks very much for your question,
first I would like to start off and explaining what I believe casting the golf club is or
early release as some people might call it. So basically, when we initiate the downswing
it’s a premature release of the wrists, that causes you to loose wrist angle. There for it causes you to deliver the club
head with a cupped wrist. This is going to add loft to the club and
it’s also going to cause you to high weak shots you were talking about. There are a couple of reasons why we experience
the early release or casting. Some times we don’t actually have the flexibility
or range of motion in our wrists to actually hold the angle on the way down. I would suggest checking that before you decide
to work on the next part we are going to talk about. One of the number one reasons why I see people
casting the golf club is that they don’t use their bodies in the golf swing. They get to the top of the their swing and
it’s all hands and arms and they simply throw the club head at the ball. As you can see I’m loosing a lot of wrist
and lag here when I do that. One thing I would like you to focus on when
you go to the driving range the next time, is try to incorporate your body a little bit
more in the shot. What I mean by that is if you can I want you
to feel that you’re turning and rotating a little bit more if possible. This in turn will allow you to lag the club
head a little bit, instead of casting the golf club. A drill I like to use to help my students
get rid of that casting or early release motion is a step and hit drill. What we are going to do is get in our normal
golf posture. This is a six iron, you can use what ever
club you want. I want you to place your left besides your
right foot before you take the golf club away. As you are nearing the top of your backswing,
I want you to step to the left with your left foot and start shifting your weight. We are going to try and work from the ground
up, this is going to help us and promote to hold the wrist angle for just a little bit
longer. I think it will be very uncomfortable if you’re
to get to the top of the golf swing, then try to throw the club head and loose that
angle immediately. I will just do a little demonstration and
show you exactly what I mean. So that drill there promotes me working from
the ground up and allows my body to move and turn to hold this angle for a little bit longer. Try that drill the next time you go to the
range, I think it will help you eliminate some of that casting. If you have any question or comments about
your golf game, please leave them in the comment section below. Check out and sign up for
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  • I think I fall into the category of not having enough flexibility in my wrist to hold the angle. What do you recommend?

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