How To Stop Chunking The Golf Ball With 3 Simple Drills

Well that was a pretty ordinary shot. If I wasn’t on a mat and I was on grass. I would have taken a huge divot about that
thick. And the divot would have gone further than
the golf ball. If you suffer from chunking the ball or hitting
the ball fat. This video is for you. Stay tuned. [MUSIC] So if this is your first time here. Welcome. This channel is all about helping you play
better golf. Today I am going to take a look at what causes
you to chunk the ball or hit the ball fat. You saw on tht little demonstration there
that I did exaggerate it a bit. But most people hit the ball fat because as
they are coming down. They’re getting trapped on their back foot. And they are staying back And that makes me
hit way behind the golf ball. So it creates this reverse weight shift or
reverse pivot. We want to try and get our weight shift going
through the shot. And that is going to stop you hitting it fat. As soon as you start falling back and you
do it because you are trying to hit it in the air. So in every other sport but golf you hit and
you lean back and you hit up. In golf we have to hit down a little bit. So one of the ways I would get you doing it
is to as you are coming down just to get that left hip turning out of the way and forward. So if you can get that left hip turning out
of the way and forward.That makes your contact point closer to the ball. And it’s getting your weight on to the front
foot. And you are not likely to hit it fat like
I did on that demonstration. One of the good ways I recommend for you to
practice tht is to use a ball. And I call this one bounce the ball drill. We take our set up holding the ball and I
swing the ball back. I have got to then bounce the ball out that
way. By doing that I am transferring my weight
quite well. I will do it from this angle as well. By me thinking about bouncing the ball you
can see my hips are turning left and sliding forward. So I will give it a go. There it is there. Sorry about that camera. So it’s a great drill to do. You can do it against a wall and it really
does help improve your weight shift. The other way I can recommend that you can
get yourself out of this. Is to place a lie board down behind the golf
ball. So I have got that about 6 inches behind th
ball. If I do that bad swing and fall back to my
right. You can hear that loud impact. And that’s not really the impact there. That was less so but I was still falling back. So what we are trying to achieve is a swing
where the club comes down and hits somewhere between the lie board and thr golf ball. So we just. You don’t have to do full swings. You can see the ball going forward. My weight shift was going forward. That certainly helps you to stop it. The last way I have got today to think about
how we are going to fix this problem is an old one. I used to do this one when I was a kid. Feet together. Knees together. If you start falling back to your right. You are going to lose your balance. So all we do here is put feet together, knees
together. And we just try to stay nice and balanced
and we don’t hit it fat. There is 3 ways that will help you to get
out of that bad habit. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I am Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos, you can click on
the round avatar down the bottom there. You can get further information on my FaceBook
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