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Have you ever hit a top and your friends have
told you to keep your head down longer? Do you know if someone tells you to keep your
head down you should run for the hills? Hey this is Sean McTernan and you are watching
another episode of My Golf Tutor the number one place on the internet for you to play
your best golf now. Welcome back and todays question is from Sam
and Sam wants to know, he says hey Sean, I am having some serious trouble topping the
ball. My friends tell me that I need to keep my
head down. Is keeping my head down the correct thing
to do in order to solve this problem. Sam thanks very much for your question, I
believe that keeping your head down is probably one of the worst things you could do in the
golf swing. I have had a few students come to me that
went out playing with their friends and their friends have told them, hey your topping the
ball because you are lifting your head. They make swings like this. That obviously is just no good. What I would like you to focus on is think
about is Annika Sorenstam. She was a person to rotate her head and swivel
it with the shot. I think one of the reasons why your friends
say your head is coming up is more so because you are having issues with everything else
below. I want I mean by that is if they say your
head is coming up it is probably happening is that you are driving your legs to much
then your torso lifts then your head lifts. So lift your head is not the problem. The problem is that your legs might be to
over active or you might be kicking your hips in. Which in turn is raising your torso. One thing I would like you to focus on when
you go to the driving range the next time is imagine that you are making golf swings
with your tailbone resting against a wall. So when you get to the top of your swing feel
that your tailbone is staying on the wall through out the swing. What I think might be happening to you is
you get to the top of your swing and then you drive to hard with your legs then your
torso lifts and as a result your head lifts. So just to clarify lifting the head is not
the problem. It is more so to do what your body is doing. So like I said next time you go to the range
really try and feel that the tailbone is staying back this will allow you to stay in your posture
better and your head will remain the same height. I hope this information helps Sam and if you
or anyone else has any questions please leave them in the comment section below. And as always don’t forget to check out
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  • oliver harrison

    Everything keeps coming out of the toe of my club and the ball is shooting off to the right, how do I stop this ?

  • I've also heard to keep my shoulders down, so should i stay with thinking my tailbone is against a wall?

  • Thanks Sean, great tip. I've been trying to get more speed in the hips, making them the 1st movement in the downswing, but finding it difficult to get consistent timing. Last week in the club comp, I managed to top four fairway woods during the round, unusual for me, & think I must have been doing what you suggested in your video (thrusting the hips & standing upright).
    On the range I went back to the rear leg back drill (left leg for me, I'm a leftie), & voila, more distance & accuracy! Can't "fire the hips" with rear leg back. The trick is to then get the same feel with a normal stance. 
    Hitting to 2 o'clock (10 o'clock for me) works really well when I can achieve it, but on the course the old habits kick in & start swinging it to 1 o'clock (11 o'clock for a right-hander), which results in the weak cut.
    Any drills to consistently swing to 10 o'clock (2 o'clock for a right-hander)?

  • Im new to golf. Sometimes I hit it well and sometimes poorly. Is there any drills/tips that will help me to hit the ball consistently?

  • This just saved my golf career

  • very good video makes sense I have probs coming up or coming off the shoot, cannot wait to go too the range thanks!!!!!

  • Mitchell Glazier

    Awesome comment about lifting torso! That is exactly what I do so thanks so much.

  • This is so totally what I was doing. Thank you.

  • You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  • I'm 52 years old. I've been trying off and on to play this crazy game since I was 15. A few weeks ago my old problem of "topping" the ball was so bad I was ready to quit the game in the middle of the round. We were out by ourselves. Nobody was on the course but me and my friend. So I broke golf etiquette and whipped out my phone and found this video through a Google search. I haven't "topped" the ball since. My scores are much lower and all of the lessons and bad advice have become ugly memories. Thank you so much for posting! I am incredibly grateful!!!!

  • Good advice I will use it.

  • Excellent!!!

  • Great explanation. Tailbone back is fundamental in the golf swing and as important as just about anything else.

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