How to Swing a Golf Club : How Proper Follow Through Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. What we are going to talk about at the moment is follow through. After you hit
the ball, you follow through; whatever happens after you hit the ball does not really matter
much. But it will tell you how your follow through, it will tell you how the high the
ball will fly or which way the ball will curve, whether it will curve right to left, left
to right. And the reason for that is, when you approach the ball, you must approach the
ball in a such a way that it causes that particular ball fly. How you attack the ball is what
your follow through will tell you after you have done it. So, every time that you step
to the ball, and you get lined up, and you are going to swing, and you are going to hit
the ball, you swing and hit the ball, and your perfect balance, and you allow the club
and your follow through to come through to a point… where just how you stand gives
you the ability to know whether it curves to the right or the left, or flies high or
low. You will know that the minute that you make contact. So, I am going to give you another
demonstration, if you will hold on just a second here, I gotta get my tool over here.
If you look at this tool, you will see that there is a white line down each side of the
middle red line. Okay, I am going to explain it to you this way. When I at address of the
ball and look down, I should be able to see both white lines. You can make this little
gizmo for yourself out of cardboard. Anyway, I see a white line on each side of that. So,
when I come through, and I do my swing, then I do the follow through, and I come up, and
I am looking at the ball, I should be perfectly setup where I can look and see two white lines;
that means I have a perfect follow through, perfect balance, timing and tempo. Use that
little tool right there as a gauge. Make it yourself.


  • wow this was actualy a good informative video i have a great swing now, i never new the actual physics of it i guess

  • I can't tell if this guy is serious or not. Is he trying to be an instructor or a subtle comedian.

  • Where did they find this guy? Just horrible.

  • he should commit suicide

  • He's right in that the follow through is the key to ball flight. Pro's don't tell you this but if you want to hit the ball as straight as possible, you should attempt to swing down the target line for as long as possible…that my friends, is the SECRET!

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