How to Swing a Golf Club : How to Aim the Club Face to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. In this previous video we checked out how to grip the club. Well, now we are
going to learn how to aim the club face. You would be amazed at how many people aim the
club face in the direction that has nothing to do with where they want the ball to land.
So, what I am going to show you is that, because of the way you learn how to grip the club
you must pin your left arm against your body on your ribcage, before you come forward and
you bend forward to set the club. When you reach at this point, adjust the face of the
club so that it is perfectly square with where you want the ball to land, and set it behind
the ball. You set your left foot and index, which means that you have now aimed at the
bottom of the swing, the ball sitting on the line of flight, and you set a spot out here,
piece of dry grass, broken tree or whatever, that gives you the line in which you can look
down at the spot and get 90 degrees. So that when you swing the club, you are going to
be able to get the club face to go through on a perfectly square out. I am going to give
you one demonstration here how it works, now each club that you are going to be using will
be relative to where you place the ball in accordance with those lines. So, if I press
and put this ball dead center on that access, that means that I am going to use a five iron,
because the five iron is the bottom of my swing. If I want to use a six iron, I am going
to move this back a quarter of a ball, and then a seven iron will be half ball, and so
forth until you get to the nine iron, and anything after the nine iron is relative to
how far back you need to do it, in accordance with what the swing or the shot that you are
trying to make. So, I want to emphasize that five iron index is right in the center of
the ball. Your aim is relative to squaring the club face to the line of flight of the
spot you put out front there.

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