How to Swing a Golf Club : Positioning the Golf Ball to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. We are going to talk at this time about where to put the ball. Ball placement
seems to be a major problem in some people’s eyes, but I am going to see if I can simplify
it for you, so that, whatever you do, you will be able to understand why you are doing
it that way. So, I am going to take a couple of balls here, and I am going to put them
down here in the crosshairs, so that you can see what I am up to. Remember the index line is 3 or 5 iron, meaning
that is the bottom of your swing. So this is a five iron; well if this is five iron,
this ball is here at the half way away, which means that I am going to catch the ball on
the down side of the swing, so that I am coming down on the ball. The preference for that
is to pinch the ball against the ground, so that the ball climbs up the face of the club
and gets to the middle of the face of the club, and takes off; that is what happens
when you hit a ball. Many people think that all balls are the same, well, they are pretty
much the same, but you do not want to find a difference between one ball and the other
until you a reach a point where you’re able to shoot at least par, or say 5 over par;
then you will notice that certain balls work certain ways, some will go just a little bit
further and some won’t. So I will go into equipment on a separate video. The first thing
that I want you to understand is that when you hit the ball, no matter where it is, whether
it is exactly for the five iron, is to pinch the ball against the ground with the club,
so that the club comes this way. See, this way it hits against the ground; and when it
goes against the ground, the ball climbs up the face. So, whatever club you are using,
now just remember that I am using the five iron here; so I am going to switch towards
a shorter club. While switching to a wedge, I am going to move the ball back to where
the nine iron should be. When I do that, I want to be sure that index is at the same
spot, because that is going to be the bottom of my swing also with a wedge. If that be
true, then what happens is, I am going to be coming down on the ball, and I am going
push the ball into the ground with the club face, and it is going to climb up the club
face and take off.


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