How to Swing a Golf Club : Proper Golf Grip & Arm Position to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. In the last lesson we had address, which we set the club behind the ball, and
we took our stance, which causes us to be ready to smack the ball, which you saw me
smack a ball. Okay, now comes the situation of how do I grip the club? How do I hold on
to that club so that I can get it to do what I want it to do? Well I set this club aside
for a moment, and I will get my helper over here, and I want you all to find you a chair
to sit in, and you can use a pencil if would you like, the simple yellow pencil or which
you will stick like, I have. The sit in the chair is just kind of a sit back and relax,
and let your hand point down along side of inside of your left knee, with the back of
your elbow here, pointing straight up and your thumb pointing straight up, and make
your fingers point straight away. You take the stick and you lay at the right base of
those… see where those knuckles come right there… you are closer to three fingers around
it, except do not close your index finger or your thumb, which you can rest your thumb
against it if you would like. So, now that I have my hand in the proper position, that
is the way that I am going to grip this club. Every time you pick up a golf club, you want
to be sure that your hands are in this position, and that you are only gripping it with the
fingertips of these three fingers, the tightest squeeze is always on the little finger, that
is the feeling that you want to have when you are gripping a golf club. So, that will
take care of your left hand, now we are going to extend it and take in the right hand on
the next extension.


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