How to Swing a Golf Club : Tips on Choosing the Right Golf Club to Improve Your Golf Swing

Hello I am Arthur DeBolt on behalf of Expert
Village. There are many questions as far as what club to use for what purposes. I am going
to give an illustration that it does not really matter, because your swing remains the same,
does not matter which club to use. So, in this particular case I am going to use a full
swing. Why? Because say 150 yards through the green and I am going to may be go around
this little trees, so I may want to have it fade around the tree or I may want to go over
the tree. But at 150 yards, I have a lot of choices, so what I am going to do is I am
going to hit this ball and I am going to have it fade a little bit left to right around
that tree, so that works fine. With this next start, I am going to say I am only about 10
yards off the green now. That means that I can put the “ball” on to the green and
let it roll, it is about six feet to the whole flag. So, I am going to do exactly the same
thing as I did with the 150 yard shot, except that I am not going to be as much, see I am
not using as much back swing, see. If I used all this back swing, and I came down to this
point, see where I am? Now watch what happens when I just use my hand; I chip it on to the
green and it rolls to the flag. If you’ll notice, I am now addressing the ball with
the putter. The index line is in front of the putter. Now I can move the index line
according to my left heel as close to that ball as I can, but as far as moving the ball,
well that’s a penalty stroke . What I want to do is that, when I hit the club behind
the ball, and I want you to notice my left arm is solid against my body and the putter
is hitting pretty square to where I want it to go. I am going to keep my left arm exactly
there, and then I am going to use exactly the same thought that I had before, which
is contact point position for the ball. Watch my right elbow here coming around, and it
pushes the ball through. That’s a putting stroke. That is always predictable in any
situation, what you do not want to use is the pendulum perspective, because there is
too much room for error.


  • I love this guy. He has no ulterior motive. He knows what he does and looks like he isn't trying to sell anything. If you don't like it or if you do; he doesn't care. Thanks. More Arthur please.

  • Hilarious!This geezer is pissed as a rat. He hasn't got a clue about golf. Should be on a park bench with a bottle of JD in a brown paper bag. BUM!!!!!!!!

  • lol i feel harsh to say its true. the "fade shot" at the beginning is hilarious, he just hits a wall and then goes like "well that worked well" lol

  • I didn't know that about putting. Drinking does help form but the rest of it makes sense too now. Thankyou Arthur.

  • theres three minutes of my life gone…EEEE thats not how.

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